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Ira Chaleff's Page


The Courageous Follower

Ira Chaleff's bestseller (over 40,000 copies sold across two editions) becomes even more relevant today as failures in le...

The Courageous Follower Self-Assessment

Measure it! How can we make sure the people at the top aren't blind to important information?

Intelligent Disobedience

What if your employees used their initiative to actively prevent mistakes and lapses from happening?

Intelligent Disobedience (Audio)

They say the rules are made to be broken. But which rules? When should you break them? And how do you do it? Ira Chaleff ...

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    Ira Chaleff is now a member of Berrett-Koehler Community

  • Have the Courage to Seize Opportunities

    Ira Chaleff posted a blog post

    Have the Courage to Seize Opportunities

    How can I make a difference in the world? The question can overwhelm us. It can seem to force us to confront our powerlessness. The world is large and contains endless suffering. We are small and have such limited resources. But is our world large? Not if we measure it against the galaxy, or t...

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    April 4, 2014

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