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EXPIRED - Free E-Book for 48 Hours: Women Lead the Way

(Total Value: $19.95)

Every two weeks, the BK Communique  e-newsletter announces a free e-book from Berrett-Koehler. It is available for 48 hours from the time the BK Communique is published on Thursday. Thereafter, the free link is removed and you are directed to the standard-price e-book page. (Sorry, folks!) This e-book is provided exclusively to subscribers of the BK Communique, to which you can sign up here for free.
For our October 26th, 2017 issue, our very last Communique free e-book, we offer the related "Women Lead the Way" by Linda Tarr-Whelan. The book became available starting at 3:30 am PST on Thursday 10-26-17, and expires on Saturday morning 10-28-17. The free e-book is for your personal use and not for resale or distribution (usage rights below).  

While the promotion is active, clicking on the book cover will trigger your download. 

Women Lead The Way L

About the Book

A few "first women" are making key decisions in high places but a few is not enough to have a significant impact. Changing what gets decided takes changing who makes the decisions. But with just 17% of Congressional seats and 14% of Fortune 500 board seats held by women, the leaders defining priorities and solutions continue to look and act much the same as generations ago.

Linda Tarr-Whelan marshals eye-opening facts and figures to decisively dispel the myths that still hold women back and shows women how to build their confidence and skills to pioneer a distinctive approach to leadership, one that emphasizes collaboration, communication and consensus. The proven tipping point, surprisingly, is just 30%--when women's representation at the top reaches 30%, real change starts to happen. Drawing on her extraordinarily diverse background as a consultant, organizer, and diplomat, Tarr-Whelan offers a women-led strategy for change and a complete set of practical road-tested tools readers can use to become powerful partners in creating a better future in a rapidly changing world.

Closing the leadership gap is a win for everyone-it brings in new ideas, creates a more balanced and productive work environment, a revitalized social compact and demonstrable positive effects on the bottom line in business and government. Women Lead the Way artfully combines advocacy, research, and tactical guidance to help readers wedge the door open and bring more women through and up.

Usage Rights

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