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You Will Never Believe These Bizarre Truths Behind Studying In College

You Will Never Believe These Bizarre Truths Behind Studying In College

You can choose any major you like and still end up working in a totally different field


  1. Picking a Major is not the Same as Picking a Profession:

You can choose any major you like and still end up working in a totally different field. College years represent the time where you can actually learn more about yourself. If you end up not knowing what you want to do with your life, you can still have more chances in the future. As a matter of fact, your employers are going to be interested in you based on the skills you have, whether they are related to a certain major or not. You can seek an internship or work on some additional courses to get yourself prepared for the job you want.

  1. You can Achieve a lot by Browsing the Internet:

In the past, people used to associate the internet with gaming and social media. But today you can actually use the internet to realize your academic goals and boost your college performance. There are a lot of reliable academic sources that you can use while working on an essay or a research paper. You can also contact https://papersbattle.com/best-essay-writing-services/, or other reliable academic services. Hiring professional writers will allow you to finish all your essays and papers fast and in the best quality. If you feel that you need to improve your skills or increase your knowledge, you can enroll for an online course. It is always easier to manage your time because you can work according to your own pace.

  1. Indecisive Students are not Lost:

This might surprise you, but as a matter of fact, indecisive students are more open to suggestions and might be able to explore new territories. These students are not afraid of taking a chance and trying something new. This might enable them to explore and realize their potential even if it is not related to their major and college studies. If you feel that you haven’t had your heart set on a certain college course, major or profession, you shouldn’t panic. This means that you haven’t found your true passion, yet. You can join groups, forums, and clubs that might offer valuable information about different subjects and topics.

  1. Interaction is Worth a Lot:

You can learn a lot by listening to others and observing them. You might think that working on your own is going to help you focus. This is true, but the feedback you receive from others is going to help you become a better student. Make sure that you talk with others about their studies, the topics that they find challenging and the courses they find interesting. If you are working on an assignment, don’t hesitate to ask a friend to read it and provide you with their feedback.

  • karenhill020@gmail.com

    The Values in the Iliad and Today

    Created by Karen Hill

    The Values in the Iliad and Today

    The Iliad by Homer is one of the most significant works in the history of humanity which was and still remains relevant. It is not about the events, but it is about people. In the current world, people tend to say something like “How spoilt became the world!” or “A former time, people were different”. However, it is not entirely true because people were always the same. They always loved and hated, wanted to be the best and forgot about their needs in favor of others, were selfish and selfless, etc. All the feelings and types of character have the same age as the existence of people. The difference is in the social life because, at one poque, a lot was allowed, in the other - a lot was forbidden. In addition to that, the time the developed media play a big role. Many years ago, people could get a limited information, for example, their town or their family in the other town. Moreover, the information exchange was slow because of the communication limits. In the current world, the information is available to everyone.

    Homer wrote his poem to save the society of his days. People tended to be successful and to get what they wanted. However, this striving had a different side. First of all, beside the wealth and power, other values were also important. A range of human feelings is vividly described in The Iliad. Different human feelings push the main characters to act. By observing their motives, it becomes obvious that they are ready to sacrifice their lives and health in order to protect their dignity, honor, and to achieve the fame or get revenge. The ideal epic hero is Achilles. He is not afraid of anything as he knows about his invincibility. He spends his life in the battles to get the glory and fame of a thunderer. After the loss of his beloved woman, he is ready to fight. He wants to get revenge by killing the King. The only reason why he stops is the impact of an invisible Athena convincing him that better revenge is to go out of the battle. Patroclus who wants to become as glorious warrior as Achilles, is not afraid to dress his clothes and fight the same way. He becomes a hero, in such way he attempts to protect the battle’s idea and to show his honor. The revenge of Achilles for his friend is also the demonstration of his damaged pride. Hector and Andromache accept the Hector’s death with dignity. The importance of the honor in the poem is obvious in the episode when Achilles and Hector’s father and a King of Troy Priam sign the truce for the period of Hector’s funeral. The poem describes war, so the author shows the way, how the heroes achieve their ideals. They fight to get what they desire or sacrifice their lives for the elusive dream.

    Modern people use the other way to achieve the same. In everyday life, the war in the truest sense of the word is over. People do not grasp the guns or swords to fight for their honor. People have become sly and now use the other weapon. Besides the honest methods, they use the art of manipulation, relay and cavity. The honor, glory, pride, fame, dignity, and even revenge still remain important in the lives of most of the modern people. These are the milestones of the human personality. Unfortunately, their originally positive meaning and orientation on kindness have changed under the impact of deformed ideals, views, , conflicts and obligations. Honor became rare, but its value has grown. This feature is an innate possibility of a person to act properly often forgetting own needs and thinking about the consequences. Glory and fame are inseparable “friends” which seem to make the person happy and successful. However, it is not so easy to achieve them. Different factors can hinder on this way, so people have learned how to omit the remorse and act without thinking about other people’s feelings. People are often selfish and mean. They “smash” their rivals on their way to successful =. It concerns not only the famous and successful people, but also the common people in the everyday life, at the working place, at sports, on the playground, at school and university, among the classmates and group mates, at everything. However, it would be wrong to claim that success can be reached only with “dirty” and unfair methods. Those people who are leaders do not need to act so, they just do what they do, and the others follow them. Pride and dignity are also extremely close. Modern people do not take the sword as the heroes of Iliad would, but they often use the sword of manipulation, pressure and “blackmail” leaving others with no choice but to follow. Last but not the least is the revenge. All previous methods of pressure can be ignored and stopped, but it is hard to deal with the revenge. People still feel the duty and are willing to act fairly and judge other people. The reasons of revenge can sometimes be even ridiculous, but the methods can be awful. The “mother” of revenge is the offense. However, the “child” of revenge is the offense, as well. It is the vicious circle. It makes no sense to talk about the methods of how people get the revenge now. In the time of Iliad, they fought, but now they do physical and mental harm. They manipulate and involve other people, for example, the relatives or close people of the offender to harm.

    Human feelings are eternal. They were born with the people and they will die with the mankind. This connection is unbreakable. These feelings can lead to the great discoveries, make people happy and create the perfect world. However, they can deteriorate everything around. People of the times of Homer took the sword to find the solution. The strongest one won. The current society uses mental weapon in the everyday battle for domination and success. The feelings and aims are the same, only the lifestyles differ and the methods became insidious.

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  • charlesnorman190@gmail.com

    Do we know how to listen? Important aspects of active listening

    Created by Charles Norman

    A study confirms that most people are unable to actively listen to their interlocutors for more than 3 minutes in a row. On the other hand, various surveys reveal that approximately 50% of the Spanish population feels alone.

    It is inevitable to think that there is a parallel between the feeling of loneliness and isolation and a society that has not learned to listen.

    Is hearing the same as listening?

    The first thing we should do is make the difference between hearing and listening. R. While hearing means simply receiving information through our auditory channels, listening implies intentionality. It implies an effort to attend to what the other person tells us, in an attempt to create effective and empathetic communication.

    What difficulties prevent us from listening to actively?

    Do we know how to listen attentively to our interlocutor?  There are several reasons that can interfere with and detract from the active listening process. Some of them are the following.

    1. Inability to tolerate silence

    Most people feel discomfort when silences occur in a conversation, especially before strangers. That is why while the interlocutor speaks they think what they are going to say next, diminishing the attention towards the information that transmits in speaker so as not to have nothing to say immediately.

    2. Judgments and comparisons

    In many cases what makes listening difficult is a series of judgments that are issued in the thought that have nothing to do with what the speaker tries to expose (I like his shirt, the green color does not look good, it seems that he has gained weight , his hair is shorter than me, etc.).

    3. Focus of attention

    It consists of focusing attention only on one aspect of the conversation and keep thinking about it, ignoring the rest of the information that the speaker issues.

    4. Having "the mind elsewhere"

    It is one of the most common interferences. While the speaker talks the person begins to remember an event that happened the other day, to plan dinner at night or think about the job interview that you have the next day, paying little or no attention to what the other person accounts.

    5. Be waiting to please

    This happens mostly in insecure people. They focus on thinking if their position is correct if they are smiling enough, if the answers they are giving are the right ones, etc. Losing attention capacity and therefore quality in listening.

    6. Continuous interruptions

    There are certain people who for various reasons need to continually talk and be the center of attention in a conversation. That is why they continuously interrupt the speech of the speaker by contributing data from their own personal experience, taking the conversation to their field to be able to talk about themselves or issue advice.

    7. Environmental distractions

    Surely we have all felt the frustration of wanting to talk to someone who is continually looking at your mobile, your television or your computer screen. Environmental distractions make listening difficult, since attention is divided into several different stimuli.

    Active listening to communicate better

    Therefore, if we want to learn to listen actively we must strive to reduce all these inferences and develop our attention capacity in the here and now.

    According to the number of articles present on an educational site called can I pay someone to write my assignment, create a climate of respect where we understand that what the other person has to say is important, and deserves, therefore, that we put the five senses to it, just as we would like the people who listen to us to do.

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  • janiessummers@gmail.com

    I agree

    Created by Jane Summers

    I agree with the author that the studying process is so complicated that it's sometimes hard to go on. I was researching the information for my inequality essay topics and now I see clear than any time that all students are different, and the fact that you are bad at study doesn't mean you won't reach anything in your life. Still, students must do their best to study good, because it is a basics of gaining a good job in the future. 

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