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Why Should You Buy Educational Baby Toys

Why Should You Buy Educational Baby Toys

Toys for 1 Year Old

When we go to toy stores with our kids, sometimes we just buy up whatever we can find – toys that make noises, sing and dance or toys with shining bright lights. However, this should not be the way to go. You also need to consider what educational toys for 1 year old are the best. We all want our kids to enjoy great toys however; educational toys are not just fun to play with, they also enrich their learning experience even more.

You might be surprised to hear this, but toy stores are really not the best place to buy educational baby toys. Most toy stores put just little focus on education but more on fun. It is important to understand that toys for 1-year olds should be a cool learning experience wherein your child needs to be able to ask questions and answer them.

Why are Educational Toys for 1-Year-Old so Important?

Playing is part of every kids growing up and learning about the world around them, and educational toys for 1-year olds are the best things that you can buy that can help along the process of their learning. Kids need to have a greater connection and experience with the world around them to help them make sense of it all. All your kids milestones like sitting up, talking, walking and running is based on their learning on what things are and how they work. Educational toys for 1 year old can help them learn all the things they need to know.

Kids also develop self-confidence when they play. As they master their toys by continuous playing, like finishing a puzzle or making a car using blocks, they build up a sense of accomplishment and feel proud of themselves as they know they can do it. As parents, it is also important for you to take notice and recognize your kid’s accomplishments. This helps them to feel worthwhile and boost their self confidence.

Building toys are great as they encourage inquiry as well as social interaction. Geometrical toys, on the other hand, give your kids a sense of symmetry, pattern recognition and proportion. It is important to choose educational toys for a lot of reasons – they exercise muscles, they learn balance and coordination and develop their imagination.

Types of Educational Toys for 1 Year Olds

Educational toys can be divided depending on what part of the child it helps to develop. Toys such as wagons or blocks build physical and muscle development. Sensory toys help them understand touch, sight, sound, taste and smell. This includes musical instruments, play dough and sand toys. Make-believe toys such as dolls, cars and books are great for social development. Clays, crayons and paint are examples of creative toys that help intellectual development.

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