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Why are sex dolls easily damaged in transit

Why are sex dolls easily damaged in transit

sex dolls

There is a fact that many of the sex dolls that are filled with gel breast are damaged on the way to buyers. Why did it happen? Therefore, many suppliers stop offering gel filled breast options on their website. NicesexDolls fixed it by improving its operating techniques.

Now, let's go to the root cause of the accident. We must know that all the damage happened in the air. The flight height of the aircraft is between 7000 and 12000 meters. At this altitude, the air pressure is very low. On the other hand, the material of the filled gel is as close to the fluid as water. When atmospheric pressure drops outside, the fluid will expand several times. When the breast cannot withstand internal pressure, it will explode.

If you test a Chinese medicine treatment called cupping, you will know it clearly. They burn the air in the cup to lower the atmospheric pressure. Then quickly put on the patient's skin. The skin will be sucked into the cup.

Fortunately, NicesexDolls has found the problem and solved it.

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