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What's Kodi

What's Kodi

Brief Explanation for Newbies

Kodi is actually a favorite computer application which turns your own Android, i-OS, Linux, MacOS or Windows device to a digital hub for all your multimedia needs from playing music, picture and video slide shows in heaps of different document formats.

Formerly called XBMC, Kodi is a completely free app that includes kodi addons which makes accessing audio, music, movies and shows with no effort; comprising a graphical user interface which moves effortlessly from the littlest telephones into the largest tv displays.

While Kodi it self will not really feature some material, it eases use of pictures, audio, and much matches using its interface that is highly customizable. This network could be hosted in your own personal computer's hard disk drive, such as; anyplace in your own networks, like on websites such as DVD or bluray Disc; or even somewhere on the internet.

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If you need an installation tutorial for a specific addon, just click on the link.