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The Studio Secretary You Never Had

The Studio Secretary You Never Had

Prepare yourself fully with comprehensive student records

Student Files
Naturally you can look up addresses, phone numbers, lesson times and email addresses – but you can also quickly access a complete history of each student’s lessons. From their repertoire list and practice statistics through to exams passed and lesson summaries…you’ll always be prepared when talking to parents about the progress of their child.

Deadline Management
As well as providing students with their own tailored deadline management, your website also provides you with a birds-eye view of everything that is coming up for your studio – from concerts and workshops through to entry form submission dates and tax deadlines. (You can even use the system for birthdays and anniversaries if you wish!). In short, your website will eliminate the awful sinking feeling of being surprised by a deadline you had forgotten about.

Practice Stats
Practice statistics let you check the motivational health of your studio
Practice Statistics
When students record at home how much practice they did that day, your own webpage will be automatically updated with the data. (Students don’t have to log in every day to do this…they have up to two weeks to put in final amounts). This information is then turned into a huge range of statistics, allowing you to track motivation cycles within the studio, or the effectiveness of particular practice campaigns and apa writing services
. Stats are viewable by the student, categories of students, or a top 10 style overview of the hardest working students in the studio.

Message archives
Because most of the communication between your students and your studio will now take place through the message center, it won’t take long before there is a rich history of correspondence between you and your pupils. Should you ever need to look up an old message, you can search through the archives by student and date range – and can also search both “sent” and “received” messages.

Repertoire Manager
Repertoire records make recital programming and student case histories simple
Loans Manager
If you find that your book and CD collection seems to shrink each year, you’ll probably want to make use of this feature. Not only does it allow you to record who borrowed what, and when it’s due back – it will also automatically send reminders to the appropriate student once items become overdue. Your Loans Manager will also send a quick note to your “Get me Ready for Today” report if you are seeing any students today that you need to speak to about overdue items.


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