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  • Benjamin

    Importance Of Taking Screenshots To Keep Your Design & Development Process In Sync

    Created by K Benjamin

    Have you ever been a part of the web development process? If yes, you must have been pretty aware of the three main aspects- Design, Deadline, and Differing opinions.

    On some days, the designing process can be exhausting, especially when communication is not so proper. Well, if you find yourself in this situation more than once, you need to read this article. Screenshots are a savior when you talk about designing process. From initial planning to post-launch, screenshots are here to save your day. Wondering how? Let’s get started!

    Do you remember the trouble of explaining a visual concept via just words? Well, I do and that’s why I can say, it is pretty irritating. Things like pixels, colors, margin, etc. are pretty impossible to explain without the use of graphics. As web designing itself is a visual medium, using annotation is the best approach to give feedback throughout your journey.

    Let’s talk about this journey one by one.

    Initial planning:

    There is no denying in the fact that a transparent and accurate plan is the base of any development stage. This is the part, where you get the chance to map out critical objectives of the whole project. Since you are already surrounded by many limitations here, designs are something you must not take any chances for. Taking timely screenshots is a wise step here.

    As during planning stage, you go through multiple websites, taking ideas and inspirations, capturing screenshots can make your day. During my planning phase, I keep taking screenshots of all of the sites that inspire me. It guides me to the right place when I want to start designing. Additionally, this also helps me to show my design ideas to seniors, before even planning anything.

    If you want to go one step further, you can take this screenshot process on autopilot. Websites like Stillio can help you with automated website screenshots. All that you have to do is to enter the website URL or social media profile URLs into the dashboard, and you’re done. Isn’t that easy?


    Once all the planning is done, it is the time to convert these ideas into visuals.\

    Let’s all go through how this phase goes on. You start with a few designs that match your imagination. After multiple trying and testing, you are satisfied with a few models. So you inform your boss and wait for the meeting to get an opinion for the same, right?

    What if I could tell you all of this can be simplified with screenshots? Don’t believe me? Let me explain. Instead of setting up meetings or conference calls with seniors, why not send them screenshots of your designs? We all know, screenshots are more helpful in making the communication quicker, you don’t need to wait until your designs are final. You can merely take feedback on every step of the designing process.


    Screenshots are an essential part of designing as well as development process. With the help of screenshots, the process of sharing information within the teams becomes straightforward.


    • Is White space too much? Take a screenshot!
    • Images not rendering properly? Take a screenshot!
    • Is text size too small? Take a screenshot!

    Among all of the above situations, taking screenshots can ensure proper and quicker communication, no matter your team is right in front of you or across the globe.

    Since development is not just about coding and framework building, designing and development team when working together can do wonders.


    Screenshots are extremely helpful when you are dealing with the testing phase of the launching process. Your pages are built, and it’s the time to give all of your designs and pages a final check to ensure they are working correctly.

    Additionally, you would also want to check complete production website to ensure all is set to go in front of a public. And that’s where comes the most important part, i.e., customer experience. To ensure I provide a smooth experience to my end users, I send these pages for review to my seniors. In return, I ask for screenshots. This is the most effective way to get clear feedback on user experience and web page designs.


    So you think now is the time to sit back and relax, well, not really! This is the time when you want to dig into the data. No matter you are using a tool like Google Analytics or Crazy Egg, analyzing your web page performance is crucial.

    Taking screenshots of this data and sharing them with your fellow team members can help you decide your future steps and strategies. This also speeds up the analysis process.

    So, friends, these are some of the ways you can use screenshots to streamline design and development process. There are hundreds of other use-cases you can experiment with. Do let us know your thoughts about the same.

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  • Benjamin

    Growth hacking mistakes that can kill your startup

    Created by K Benjamin

    With the growth of digitalization and a paradigm shift in work culture, startups are popping up like mushrooms all over the world. All of them are innovative and fun places to work in.  Startups are different in their own merit from established corporate firms. For instance, in a startup, employees are not bound some set rules and regulations and enjoy the perks of flexible working hours in contrast to the employees of a big firm. The relationship between the management and the employees are quite impersonal and thus helps to improve the quality of the work. Since the organizations are small, the workplace is more enjoyable and the employees are more of friends and family than colleagues. However, on the hind side, the lows can be very low for a startup and might lead to the closing of the company. So if you are working in any startup firm, here are a few mistakes you might want to look out for.

    The Money Making CEO:

    While running a startup can be interesting and satisfying, the most boring job it offers in raising money. The directors and CEO may be super busy catering to the requirement of the investors, in a pursuit to secure more funds, but it is futile. In fact, that time can be used to develop the product or service which can fetch thousands of dollars.  Of course, it does not mean that as a CEO of a startup you do not try to raise money. All you need to do is find an appropriate time so that you can pitch in your business more confidently and thereby secure the amount you wish for.

    Rich Planning with Poor Execution:

    Though the world celebrates great thinkers and extraordinary minds, it is Doers who must be celebrated. It takes a huge amount of dedication, hard work, and effort to change one’s life and the life of others. Mere intentions don't bring in concrete results. Similar situations are faced by most startups. While the directors and CEO get themselves stuck in a whirlpool of some great ideas, they usually do not have the budget to accommodate them all. Thus when seized by some great ideas the next time, try and sort them out in chunks, analyze their priorities.

    Group Thinking:

    Have you ever seen a pack of foxes? Have you noticed that when one barks, all the other members in the pack just follow? Well, if you see something similar in your company's group meeting then there might be a problem there. Many a time, in a group meeting everyone agrees or nods to one view and do not present their own argument, which can actually be dangerous for the health of the startup. Such an attitude shows that the employees are not channelizing their thinking effectively, or maybe lacking enthusiasm.  Of course, one should not debate for the sake of debate, but there must be a plate of ideas to choose from.

    Quitting Founders:

    The bright futures of many startups have failed because the Founders have quit their dreams midway. The challenge does not lie in developing an exciting product but facing the consequences after it has been released in the market. No company can be successful if it sits idle after a product release waiting for the product to work its magic. One must get down in the mud! Go to the market test run your assumptions, get feedbacks and try out something unique each time! So before you think of starting a startup, be ready for a faceoff battle for at least 5 years. Nothing in this world comes easy kid, and definitely not success.

    Learn How to Learn

    Mistakes have been committed in the past and they still continue. It is okay to commit a mistake or two, but one has to learn a lesson from it, and that is where the startups are falling face down! There are hundreds of growth hacker tools out there, but committing the same mistakes big companies have committed in the past, won’t work. In order to rise above such mistakes continuous learning is crucial, and what better place to get it from other than the internet? But one must identify the noise of repetitive, advertised content there and look out for things that are fresh and can be effective.

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  • Benjamin

    How to avoid SD memory cards corruption

    Created by K Benjamin

    In this digital world, memory cards are one of the most used storage devices. This is a tiny and portable device used to store the expanding amount of data. They were widely used in Android Smartphone, tablets, digital cameras, music players, and other portable devices.

    SD memory cards are often corrupted due to human error. When the memory card gets damaged, your data cannot be accessed. So it is better to back up the memory card data to another medium regularly.

    Sometimes, it is possible to have the corrupted SD card recovery in different ways. But precaution is always better. Here are some of the safety measures to avoid SD card corruption.

    Symptoms of corrupted SD card

    • A black screen comes with a warning message of SD card is not accessible.
    • You may miss photos on your SD card
    • No folder appears or can’t open the SD card while reading on other devices
    • You can see the SD card data in your camera
    • Unable to add, save, copy or delete any data in your SD card

    7 ways to avoid SD card corruption

    Format the new SD card

    After buying a new SD card, you must format it instantly and make it fresh before using. However, SD card is preformatted but it should be done on your device. This can show that whether the SD card is compatible with your device or not.

    Turn off the camera while removing SD card

    Before you decide to remove the SD card from the device, you have to turn off the camera or device. When you remove the SD card without any warning to while accessing, surely it will corrupt your card.

    Don’t pull the card without ejecting

    Make use of the Eject option on your device before pulling a memory card out of it. You must avoid the habit of harsh remove of SD card when it is being accessed by the device like reading data or transferring data. If you eject the card, it will stop the communication between card and device. Thus it won’t corrupt the data after removing from that device.

     Don’t let the batteries to run out

    If your device has consumed the maximum amount of battery and still you use the camera of the device, it will shut off the moment without writing. This leads to data loss, so it is better to use the device with a high battery level.

    It happens especially while shooting video on the camera and a poor battery level without warning can cause this problem.

    Don’t use the same cards on multiple devices

    It is not perfect to use the same SD card on multiple devices. Even devices of the same brand will have a different configuration, file structure or may be incompatible with card formatted on other devices. If you want it to use on other devices, you can reformat it on the current device.

    Reformat the card after every import

    Have the habit of reformatting your memory cards after importing any data. This is not only good for SD card but it fixes any errors and it will never leave you to delete the card when you need space.

    Keep your cards safely

    You should keep your SD cards safely in a proper case when they are not in use. If they were kept in a bag or wallet, it may get scratched in contact with other items. This also makes your SD card to be unreadable.

    How can you recover the corrupted SD card?

    Whenever the SD card gets corrupted or becomes inaccessible, the data stored in the card get lost. Though, all the data will be in the same location on the card which can be recovered by using recovery software.

    Using recovery software is one of the best methods to fetch all the lost data and other files from their original areas and make them to visible for you. You must stop using your memory card after corrupted and before recovery. Also, this recovery is only possible when your SD card is not physically damaged.

    Thus, these are the essential ways to avoid the SD card corruption in order to prevent data loss.

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