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Pros And Cons Of Electronic Publications

Pros And Cons Of Electronic Publications


Remember that we live in the information society, let's ask us what is better: electronic or paper publications, as well as what are the pros and cons of electronic publications. If we remember that the paper became widespread only in the XIX century, then modern paper publications would be wrong called old. To this day paper publications are very popular, but ... more and more often you hear that they do not live long: in a very short time they will be completely replaced by electronic analogs.

Now the main formats for electronic books are PDF, Doc and FB2. And the first two formats are quite universal, can be opened by the reader on almost any modern device and also any user can convert from PDF to Doc by himself.

Naturally, supporters have both paper and electronic books. The first, as a rule, says that the traditional book brings a huge aesthetic pleasure. It has its own smell, it crunches pleasantly; turning page after page, we enter into a correspondence dialogue with the author and slowly open by opening. Perhaps I agree with some of them, but I will not argue with others, with supporters of electronic publications either - high technologies take their own and deny electronic publications, in my opinion, the same as denying the Internet.

But I want to find out what advantages and disadvantages there are in electronic publications, I think it will be useful. I'll start with the advantages:

  1. You can read electronic publications can be anywhere and anytime. This is especially important if, for example, the necessary edition is missing in your home library and the case is urgent, urgent, and the city library is closed;
  2. Small volume: on the computer, you can store tens and hundreds of thousands of books;
  3. The possibility of full-text search;
  4. Copy-paste makes e-books irreplaceable in study and work;
  5. When quoting you can use the following method: simply convert your e-book from PDF to Doc.


  1. The eyes of the computer get tired (although if you use special devices for reading books (electronic ink technology), this deficiency turns into a big plus.
  2. There is no perfection in the world - technical failures sometimes interfere with work. In this case, I can advise in advance to convert from PDF to Word and then print the book on plain paper.

All the pros and cons I express only as a reader. Naturally, each reader will determine what is best for himself. I decided for myself that I need both paper and electronic publications, although I will not hide: I like electronic more.

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