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Latin American Business

Latin American Business

Doing Business

This is a place for business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals within Latin America to keep up to-date with new laws and regulations, to seek and find the latest advice on doing business and to generally share thoughts and ideas on new business ideas and ventures.

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    Who is Biz Latin Hub?

    Created by Craig Dempsey

    The Biz Latin Hub Corp (BLH) was established in 2014 to support local and foreign companies doing business in Latin America, offering a complete portfolio of back-office services; including bilingual legal, accounting, finance, taxation, recruitment, commercial representation, market entry and administration services. Simply put, we are a one-stop shop to meet the professional needs of businesses operating in the region. The companies of the group are owned and managed by an experienced team of local and expat professionals, dedicated to assisting our clients in navigating their way through the complexities of the Latin America business environment. Unlike much larger corporations, the companies of our group offer an extremely personalised service and fee levels that are competitively placed within the current international market. All services provided are in both English and Spanish. We are a market leader in aiding foreign and local companies and individuals establishing and developing themselves and their businesses in the region.

    Our Story: The Biz Latin Hub Group was founded in 2014 through a Partnership between Mr. Craig Dempsey (Australian) and Mr. David Wright (English) and through maintaining a strong and uncompromising focus on service delivery the Group has grown from a single office in Bogota to being a multinational company encompassing all key markets within the Latin American Region, including Colombia, Peru, Mexico, Chile, Costa Rica, Argentina, Panama, Belize, El Salvador, Ecuador, Brazil and Uruguay. Additionally, we have close partnerships with various other firms across the region and can support clients in all LATAM jurisdictions. Underpinning and fundamental to our growth story has been our staff, who through their dedication, hard-work and commitment have ensured both our, and our clients business success.

    Our Value Proposition: Our value proposition is intrinsically linked to our ability to bridge the professional gap between foreign and Latin American culture, and then underpinned by our unparalleled reach across the region, making us well positioned to help companies and individuals to enter and operate within the Latin American market-place, through the provision of multi-lingual services that are Reliable, Tailored and Responsive to meet our client’s needs. Our clients rely on us to understand the local market and then to take care of their back-office so that they focus on their core business. 

    Our Team: Our team of local and expatriate professionals bring together the blend of both international and local accounting, taxation, company formation, legal and commercial representation experience; thereby ensuring the very best outcomes for our clients.


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Seasoned Business and Investment Professional in Latin America. Craig Dempsey is the CEO and Co-Founder of a leading multi-national group, that specializes in the provision market entry and back office services in the Latin America.