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Is there a "BK Way?"

Is there a "BK Way?"

What is distinctive about BK as a company and our practices?

In 2017 Berrett-Koehler Publishers will celebrate the 25th anniversary of our founding. In preparation, we are gathering examples and stories that suggest what is different and noteworthy about the messages in our books and how we apply those ideas in running our company.

Please post below any examples or stories you have of:

  • how BK differs from other companies in your experience 
  • a humorous interaction with BK staff or systems 
  • frustrations or disappointments you have had in working with BK 
  • what surprised you in an interaction with BK 
  • what others told you about BK that you found out to be true—or not true 
  • some aspect of BK that it took you a while to get 
  • some aspect of BK that you still don’t understand
  • the most memorable or meaningful thing you have observed about BK.
We’re hoping that your posts will generate conversations on this site. BK president Steve Piersanti and other BK staff as well as BK authors, readers, and others may respond to some of the posts. And if we can collect enough interesting examples and stories to make a good book about our journey as a maverick independent publisher trying to change the world, we might publish a book incorporating the best ideas and accounts.

You will need to log in to our website and join this group to post your stories.  If you have any technical difficulties, you can email Charlotte Ashlock at [email protected], or you can call her during Pacific Coast business hours at (510) 817-2279.

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    How to make your business stand out

    Created by Alvina Jennifer

    If you’re a business owner, you’ve probably heard the statistics around business failure rates.

    Building a business is often easy, however, maintaining and staying in business is the challenge. In a world where there are many businesses claiming to be the best, it’s hard to differentiate your organisation from competitors. This leads to business owners wondering how they can make their company stand out.

    According to the public relations team at Adoni Media, here are seven ways you can make your business stand out from your competitors.

    1. Extraordinary customer service

    Treat your customers like royalty, even if you’re not in a service industry. All customers have an expectation of customer service from the moment they enter your store or encounter your business. It’s important that businesses wanting to stand out provide exceptional service to their clientele.

    1. Admit mistakes and fix problems to build stronger relationships

    If a mistake or issue arises, it’s important to immediately resolve it. This will help you build a stronger relationship with your customers instead of damaging it. If a customer has one bad experience with the business and there was no effort to resolve the issue immediately, this can negatively affect how a customer perceives a brand and could lead to them looking elsewhere. However, if an issue is resolved and handled well by your company, then this can potentially create a stronger relationship between the business and customer.

    1. Be honest about your product and services

    It’s always important to be honest about your product or services. Customers want to know that they are receiving what they are buying, whether that be a product or a service. This means that everything that is said about a product or service needs to be true.

    1. Introduce new products

    Customers are often on the lookout for new and trending products. For a business to stand out, it’s best to continue to reinvent your company and its offerings by adopting emerging technologies and introducing new processes, products, services and solutions.

    1. Offer guarantee or incentives

    Is your company offering guarantees or special incentives? Offering incentives to customers, no matter what size, can undoubtedly produce advantages for business These include:

    • Motivation – Not only can incentives be used for customers, they can also be beneficial in motivating employees. For instance, offering an incentive for staff if they excel at their KPI’s will motivate them to achieve better results.
    • Collaborative efforts – If you’re looking to offer team incentives for your employees, you might notice an increase in collaborative efforts between staff members. Similar to individual incentives, employees will be more motivated and realise the only way to exceed their KPI’s is to work together as a team.
    • Loyalty – Using incentives can not only help guarantee loyalty between your business and customers, but also between your business and your employees.
    1. Do it differently than your competitors

    Possibly the best way to make your business stand out is by differentiating your business from its competitors. Showing your customers and target audience why you’re different from other businesses will create a uniqueness and something potential customers will feel they need.

    1. Leverage internet and social media

    In the digital age, it’s important to utilise social media and its features as they can be beneficial to reaching your audience online and growing that audience further. For instance, Facebook ads can help you reach Facebook users based on their location, interests, age and gender. As well as this, Google AdWords can also target potential customers and be used as an effective marketing strategy.

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