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My Story

Posted by Hazel Henderson

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In 1991, I was faced with the folding  of the original publisher of my book Paradigms in Progress”  .   Somehow, I was lucky enough to  find Berrett-Koehler  and Steve Piersanti!   After I sent Steve my orphan book, he  contacted me saying that I was obviously an author whose work was “ under-published “.  Steve invited me to meet with him and the Berrett-Koehler team at their office in San Francisco.

When I arrived  with a cordial welcome , we convened with the group in their conference room.  Steve introduced me and said how important he thought Paradigms in Progress was and that he hoped Barrett-Koehler would take over the book and re-publish it.

Then to my surprise, he asked us all to take a few minutes in prayerful silence, focusing on their role and mission and how my work seemed to  align well.

I was amazed, having had experiences with two  of my other publishers in New York , which were to  say the least, very different and with a strictly business focus.

What I found at Berrett-Koehler was a deeply caring spiritual approach to  publishing as a calling .  I was deeply moved by the depth of caring  and focus on their mission.  Naturally, I was delighted when Berrett-Koehler decided to  take over Paradigms in Progress and they  re- launched my  book in 1995.  My books, including my later Building A Win-Win World (1996) have not been big sellers, since as a futurist I’m always about ten years ahead of where the market is at any time!  So I’m doubly grateful that they keep  these two  of my books in print and the latter title is also now an e-book.

So naturally, I always first  steer my author friends looking for publishers  to  Berrett-Koehler!  I feel this affinity even though I’m now too busy running  our  Ethical Markets Media Certified B. Corporation to  participate in all the wonderful authors’ retreats and  cooperative activities.

So, thank you all at Berrett-Koehler!   May you continue to  prosper and serve our common human future!