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BK is not tied to old NY/Boston ways

Posted by Roger Peterson

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The book publishing world, centered in New York and Boston, began in the 1840s. Digital and Amazon are really the only new things to hit the industry. All else is largely "the way we have always done things." When I was an editor in college textbook publishing, we would never publish a book that had not gone through several rounds of academic reviewers or readers. Granted, trade publishing is different, but I was asked to be a developmental editor on two manuscripts instead of BK sending those manuscripts to outside readers. Everyone was happy. It struck me that BK has a more risk-taking culture. The book industry is changing because the world around it is changing. BK may be more flexible than the old guard back East.



Steve Piersanti
Steve Piersanti
December 23, 2015 Thank you Roger. One of the secrets of BK's success is the wonderful community of manuscript reviewers and editors who work with our authors to make their books better. In a time when many people lament the decline of publishers' editorial enhancement of books, Berrett-Koehler still brings in several outside manuscript reviewers to improve each book manuscript we are publishing.

Charlotte Ashlock
Charlotte Ashlock
January 16, 2016 Part of the reason I really enjoy being on the West Coast is I feel the East Coast can be so stuck in their ways.