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How to Improve Your Essay Writing Quickly: A Step-by-Step Guide

Posted by wendy archie

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Students are prompted to write essays throughout their academic studies, from early school education to college education. If you are looking for an essay example Always choose the best analytical essay example that guarantees quality essay work. In any case, it isn't totally the situation. Improving your essay writing will help them improve their overall grades as graded essays are part of the class assignments, classwork, and also the examination. The essays that you are asked to write in each of your advancing grades reflect the required writing skills that you need to have at the level.


While many students improve in their writing with each essay they write and grade they pass, others keep to their old methods. ‘Help write my essay,’ you will often find these students ask, as they find that their writing skills aren’t up to par with what’s required for the essay.


Improving your writing is crucial if you want to grade higher in your essays and tackle complex subject matter than higher skills in research, writing, analyzing, etc. Taking help from various essay writers, your peers, and online resources can help you improve your writing for the better. Essay tips that students frequently use in improving their writing, can help you too in advancing your essay prowess. Although there are various ways to improve your writing, here are some of the ways that have proved to help students advance their essays, especially those who are looking for help in college/university education.


Break free from the classical essay structure

The classical essay structure of three to four body paragraphs boxed in by the introduction and the conclusion paragraphs impede you from tackling the subject matter comprehensively. Teachers and instructors teach the classical structure as a recipe for essays so as to allow you to have the freedom to flex your critical and analytical muscles.  


As you advance in your academics you will find that the classical structure only allows you to mention the salient points of the subject matter and with no freedom to add paragraphs as you like. Many of the unique points have to be dropped for more obvious and important ones. 


Start adding, splitting, and merging paragraphs according to the requirement of your subject matter and the prompt. On top of that, not every paragraph has to have a defined premise and a topic sentence but can work as a supplementary paragraph to another one. An example of such a paragraph is the paragraph following the introduction that is placed to give further background information into the subject matter.

Read better

The impact of developing a reading habit upon your writing can’t be emphasized enough. When you start to read writings produced by others on various topics and subjects, you tend to not only develop a grammatical and punctuation acumen in your writing but also know the rule of rhetoric and production of information. Continuously pick the best persuasive essay examples that guarantee quality essay work.


The sources of writing that can benefit your essay writings are:

Research papers
Academic articles
Books: fiction and nonfiction

These writings are written and are edited by experts such that the writing is flawless in style, structure, tone, etc. 

Develop a suitable essay process

The essay process differs from one essay writer to another. You should start by picking out flaws in your essay process. Make sure not to spend most of the essay time in the writing phase of the process. The essay process is divided into three parts:


Pre-writing: This involves brainstorming, researching, and outlining for the essay.
Writing: This involves preparing the drafts for the essay working on the information from the pre-writing process.
Post-writing: This involves the tasks of reviewing, editing, and proofreading. 

The pre-writing and post-writing phases of the essay are much more important. In fact, many people rush through their writing (drafting) phase to get to the review and editing phase. As these are the writing phases that allow you to look at the wider picture and iron out the flaws in your writing, reasoning, and ideas. 



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