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Kormo Jobs, this is how Google's LinkedIn works, already active in Asia

Posted by excelr Tuhin

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Google has just announced the launch of Kormo Jobs in India. We tell you all about this application and what is behind this movement of the technology giant.

Google For Jobs and Google Hire, everything started with them


Google's interest in becoming a job search site is not recent. In the summer of 2017, Google launched Google For Jobs and Google Hire in the US.

Google For Jobs is a search engine function that indexes posted job postings and displays them directly in a section on the results page .

A year after its launch, it was already available in many countries around the world, including Spain . It is still running .

Google Hire is an application that uses artificial intelligence to simplify and streamline hiring processes . It integrates with G Suite applications and seeks to help small and medium-sized companies find candidates and manage the entire process efficiently.

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However, just two years after its launch, Google announced that it is canceling the service on September 1, 2020 .

Kormo Jobs, a step forward

Kormo Jobs is a Google-owned job search application. The app was launched as a pilot project in Bangladesh in 2018 and last year it was arriving in Indonesia.

Now it does it to India, where it was already available but under the name of Jobs and within the Google Pay app .

After surpassing 2 million job offers in India , Google has made the decision to launch the application independently and under the same name that it uses in Bangladesh and Indonesia, Kormo Jobs.

The application aims to help people with little work experience find employment and contribute to reducing the country's high unemployment rate, which in April reached 23% as a result of the coronavirus.

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How does it work?


In addition to the usual job search and job posting functions, the app allows users to create their own digital CV, track the status of their applications, receive reminders and advice for interviews .

It also offers users the ability to learn new skills through LinkedIn Learning-style articles, videos, courses, and certifications .

For now, the app is only available for Android devices and its launch on other operating systems is not expected in the short term.

To conquer the Asian market

With this launch, Google intends to take over the second largest internet market in the world , India, where it is estimated that internet penetration now reaches 50% of the population, representing more than 680 million users.

LinkedIn, owned by Microsoft, has a low presence in the country (68 million users in a country with a population of more than 1.3 billion people).

With this strategic move, Google seeks to increase its presence in South and Southeast Asia , displacing LinkedIn from a key market made up of numerous emerging and developing countries.

Will Google Kormo Jobs Launch Into New Markets? Will it succeed in displacing LinkedIn? We will be attentive to the evolution of the app and hopefully it will not face the same fate as Google Hire, in the Google graveyard .



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