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crushed ice maker

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Mortal Kombat Armageddon cheats for PS2

1 tricks · Last:11/22/2006

Also known as mortal kombat armageddon .

Xbox cheats



In the Krypta, enter:

Extra characters:
Meat: Up, Square (2), Circle (2), Up.
Daegon: R1, L1, Triangle, Down, Down, Square.
Blaze: Triangle, Square, Left, L1, Left, Circle.
Taven: L2, Left, R1, Up, Circle, Down.

Promotional Movie: Up, Up, Down, Up, L1, X.
Armory Music: X, Square, Left, Triangle, Square, X.
Cyrax Fatality Video: Right, L1, R2, Down, Up, L1.
Promotional Movie 2: Up (2), Down, Up, L2, X.
Artwork Pyramid: Triangle, Back (2), X, Down, Circle.
Red Dawn Arena: Circle, L1, Up, Square, Circle, Down.


Top of Form

Bottom of Form

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  • excelrtuhin@gmail.com

    Kormo Jobs, this is how Google's LinkedIn works, already active in Asia

    Created by excelr Tuhin


    Google has just announced the launch of Kormo Jobs in India. We tell you all about this application and what is behind this movement of the technology giant.

    Google For Jobs and Google Hire, everything started with them


    Google's interest in becoming a job search site is not recent. In the summer of 2017, Google launched Google For Jobs and Google Hire in the US.

    Google For Jobs is a search engine function that indexes posted job postings and displays them directly in a section on the results page .

    A year after its launch, it was already available in many countries around the world, including Spain . It is still running .

    Google Hire is an application that uses artificial intelligence to simplify and streamline hiring processes . It integrates with G Suite applications and seeks to help small and medium-sized companies find candidates and manage the entire process efficiently.

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    However, just two years after its launch, Google announced that it is canceling the service on September 1, 2020 .

    Kormo Jobs, a step forward

    Kormo Jobs is a Google-owned job search application. The app was launched as a pilot project in Bangladesh in 2018 and last year it was arriving in Indonesia.

    Now it does it to India, where it was already available but under the name of Jobs and within the Google Pay app .

    After surpassing 2 million job offers in India , Google has made the decision to launch the application independently and under the same name that it uses in Bangladesh and Indonesia, Kormo Jobs.

    The application aims to help people with little work experience find employment and contribute to reducing the country's high unemployment rate, which in April reached 23% as a result of the coronavirus.

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    How does it work?


    In addition to the usual job search and job posting functions, the app allows users to create their own digital CV, track the status of their applications, receive reminders and advice for interviews .

    It also offers users the ability to learn new skills through LinkedIn Learning-style articles, videos, courses, and certifications .

    For now, the app is only available for Android devices and its launch on other operating systems is not expected in the short term.

    To conquer the Asian market

    With this launch, Google intends to take over the second largest internet market in the world , India, where it is estimated that internet penetration now reaches 50% of the population, representing more than 680 million users.

    LinkedIn, owned by Microsoft, has a low presence in the country (68 million users in a country with a population of more than 1.3 billion people).

    With this strategic move, Google seeks to increase its presence in South and Southeast Asia , displacing LinkedIn from a key market made up of numerous emerging and developing countries.

    Will Google Kormo Jobs Launch Into New Markets? Will it succeed in displacing LinkedIn? We will be attentive to the evolution of the app and hopefully it will not face the same fate as Google Hire, in the Google graveyard .



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  • excelrtuhin@gmail.com

    Dynamic ads on Spotify: what do they consist of?

    Created by excelr Tuhin




    Dynamic ads on Spotify are the latest bet of the famous platform to take control of the podcast sector. The first and big step was when in 2019 it  acquired expert podcasting companies such as Archor or Gimlet Media . Now he is announcing with great fanfare the arrival of Streaming Ad Insertion, a technology that will allow merchants to have better metrics.

    Spotify says it will start inserting ads in real time, based on what it knows about its users. It will be based on parameters such as location, device type and age, similar to how the web works .

    What are podcast ads like?

    Dynamic Ads on Spotify are intended to work as an enhancement to the usual ads you hear on podcasts. Since its inception, the podcast has been an open format, based on audio files embedded in an RSS feed. Podcast players downloaded the files from each feed and gave the option of offline playback.

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    The popularization of the podcast has not gone unnoticed by the large companies in the sector. Apple bet on podcasts a long time ago and now iHeart Media and Spotify have joined the list. The arrival in the world of Spotify, with almost 250 million users, has captured the attention of advertisers and communicators. Businesses see a powerful loudspeaker for their programs and marketers aspire to make big profits from them.

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    Until now, podcast advertising was shown to the listener in two different ways. One is the lifelong advertising spot, which is often read by the podcast host himself . The advertiser does not get an economic return for each listen and its profit is more difficult to quantify. They are already within the broadcast itself and the players are not able to interpret them separately.

    Dynamic advertising solves this headache for trademarks. In this case, the ad is embedded in the file before it is downloaded or played. This can be embedded at the beginning, middle, or end of playback. Likewise, you can offer ads to previously targeted audiences and even put new ads in chapters already broadcast.

    What dynamic ads offer on Spotify


    Spotify launches into the podcast world with a strong base of millions of listeners and a powerful monetization platform. The new dynamic ads on Spotify work with Streaming Ad Insertion (SAI), which offers various planning, reporting and measurement possibilities. The music platform has wanted to adapt to the new trends of modern digital marketing. The significant advances are as follows:

    Reach the market niche that interests you . Spotify podcast ads reach a user base of millions of listeners around the world. Until now, advertisers relied on audience surveys to determine where to allocate their podcast ad budgets. The platform will provide statistics-based recommendations and ideas to help brands reach the right audience .

    Know that the ad is delivered properly . Advertisers were not fully aware of the performance of their podcast ads due to downloads. Now Spotify podcast ads will measure actual impressions as they play. Likewise, they will inform about age, gender, device and the listening behavior of the audience reached.

    Check the real impact of the investment . Without knowing who actually heard an ad, companies were unable to measure the impact of their podcast advertising. To date, podcast advertisers have found creative ways to find out if their ads were heard. With Spotify Podcast Ads, they can take advantage of their measurement tools to learn more about how their brand is perceived.

    Interesting improvements for companies

    Spotify promises numerous advantages to brands that bet on this new methodology. The experience for the user will be better, as they will be shown ads that more closely match their profile. That is, two people listening to the same podcast will not receive the same ads.

    With dynamic ads on Spotify, advertisers will get better metrics . Many companies were reluctant to enter the music platform due to the unreliability of their data. Now, by knowing precisely how your campaigns are performing, they can decide how much to invest.

    With this new option Spotify offers detailed information about ads and promotions to advertisers. The downside is that they can only use the tracking technology when the playback is streaming. Podcasts that are heard downloaded will not generate statistics. Thus, if a podcast is played outside of an online connection , the user will not receive personalized ads.

    Likewise, listeners can link podcasts to ads they hear. This has an impact on the user's purchase decision, who will choose the brand that generates the most sympathy . A product advertising on your favorite show has a better chance of being purchased than others in the same category.

    Privacy and data use raises questions

    Not everything shines when it comes to dynamic ads on Spotify. The podcast industry is concerned about how Spotify's advertising practices will develop. The brand hasn't released much information on various topics yet. It is not known to what extent the privacy of listeners is guaranteed, nor the real priority of Spotify. Do you really bet on the podcast or do you see above all a great revenue stream?

    You are also wondering what use is given to customer data. Users provide certain personal data to the platform when they register. The platform has announced that it will use the data it has about its users, such as age, gender, location and device. The question is: will you share this information with third parties?

    On the other hand, it will be necessary to see how often these ads will be shown while listening to the podcast. Will it be something specific or will we see invasive advertising? Spotify runs the risk of wanting to reach everything and end up making listeners bored. An ad overload can lead users to download your programs from free, ad-free platforms.

    Is advertising on podcasts beneficial?


    The advantages that dynamic ads promise on Spotify are tempting, but the podcast format still generates some mistrust. The truth is that audio is going to be the dominant format in the advertising sector in the future. The IABA association places it ahead of Branding or Content & Native Advertising .

    In addition, the format is fashionable in our country. Currently, almost 40% of radio listeners do so through podcast and the trend is on the rise. A Spotify study shows that 81% of listeners have taken action after listening to ads during a podcast. The podcast industry is forecast to be one of the big markets by 2021.

    Audio will transform the advertising of the future and influence the relationship between users and brands It is a great ally, since direct communication is achieved and will mean changes in the way of looking for information. Google is investing in R&D to create new algorithms that fully understand user voice searches.

    Uploading a podcast to Spotify is quick and easy

    The popularity of the Spotify podcast service continues to increase, as well as the companies that enter it. Its catalog of programs is growing rapidly and gaining popularity . Here are the steps to upload your podcast to Spotify and increase your visibility.

    • Head over to Spotify for Podcasters and log into your Spotify account, or create one if you don't have one. You can select "Login" or "Start" to continue.
    • After logging in, click "Get Started" on the "Add Your Podcast" page.
    • If requested, read the terms and conditions and check the box. Then enter your legal or LLC name and click on "Continue."
    • Enter your RSS feed in the box provided and select "Next." If there is a problem with your RSS feed, you will see a message below the box notifying you of the problem. If successful, the podcast title, illustration, and description will appear on the right side of the page.
    • On the "Add Podcast Information" page, select your country, language, category, and hosting provider and click "Next."
    • Carefully review all the data entered, and when you are completely sure, select send.

    In some cases it can take up to 5 days to appear on Spotify, but most do so within a few hours. Of course, Spotify does not contact you, so you will have to keep an eye on the podcast listings yourself. You can also upload your podcast through your regular hosting provider.

    Would you like to take advantage of the potential of dynamic ads on Spotify to improve your visibility? At Antevenio  we have more than 20 years of experience in performance marketing . We help you attract more clients with search engine advertising campaigns based on effective SEM strategies .


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  • excelrtuhin@gmail.com

    The importance of the UGC: user-generated content is highly relevant to your digital marketing campaigns

    Created by excelr Tuhin


    We know that an online marketing campaign can (and should) have content marketing , that is, quality and relevant content in order to attract and offer good customer service. However, the UGC, that is, the content generated by the user or User Generated Content for its acronym in English, becomes more relevant every day in campaigns in Mexico and around the world .

    The UGC manages to boost the brand image

    And it is not that the UGC is very new, since it dates almost from the appearance of the Internet , however its importance lies in the fact that it can face the trend of mytopcompares and brand ambassadors , and who do you think they will believe? more consumers? Of course, to other consumers, but of course, the ideal is for the UGC to be positive since these opinions could become exponential and in the same way that they can benefit the brand, they could be really harmful if they are negative.

    In fact, the UGC represents 80% of all the content existing in the network of networks, and it refers to anyone who has been created and shared by users, fans, consumers or anyone on a voluntary basis , that is, that They have not been remunerated in any way and simply give their opinion either on a blog, on video, with a photograph, through a website, on social media reviews on platforms such as Trivago or TripAdvisor ... anywhere on the internet!

    The importance of the UGC can be ratified by means of a study carried out by the Nielsen Consultant , in which it is highlighted that 92% of consumers have stated that they trust more the opinion of other users than in the brand advertising itself.

    And of course, millennials are more prone to this trend, since 84% of them said that the UGC has directly influenced their purchase decision. It is not surprising, since one of the key elements to convince a potential customer is the use of quality social evidence, this means presenting evidence that other people use your product or service satisfactorily.

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    A low cost investment with great results

    And it is not the same as a family member, friend or acquaintance and even a totally unknown person but far from the world of marketing publish content recommending a product from home, electronic device, service or anything on their social networks, to do it an influencer.

    Despite the fact that the impact of the influencer was similar in the beginning, now consumers know that brands have integrated them into their marketing campaigns, so the impact is less and less considering it less real, the same thing that happened with celebrities at the time a few years ago.

    That is why investing in marketing actions aimed at promoting the UGC has become one of the most effective tactics when it comes to promoting the brand, creating customer loyalty, creating greater engagement and even increasing trust with potential clients.

    There are several ways to promote UGC marketing, generally focused on engaging the audience around a message, strategic and creative work to convince and generate the UGC . There are also some platforms to help you capture the UGC, such as Mytriphoto, which helps generate content on social networks.


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