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Bringing Young People into BK Community - Open Space Technology Breakout Session

Posted by David Marshall

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Notes from Open Space session on how can we bring young people – teens – into the process of creating a world that works for all?

Attendees: (Many left after the celebration and I didn’t get their last names. Maybe someone can figure this out.)

Larry Ackerman
Marjorie Adler
Juan Carlos ??
Jillian ??
Vicki Halsey
Alex ??
Barbara M
Donna ??
Joel ??

BK hasn’t focused on young people – why not? There are always adults at the table. Where are the young people?

To make things attractive to teens, we need to create technological solutions – an app? – digital learning, not just book(s)

We can learn from young people. They are not seen as peers or equals.

When we say ‘young people,’ who are we talking about? Teens? 20-somethings? 5-10 year olds?

We need to allow them to speak in their own voice.

Kids have ‘soul wisdom.’ Their spirits and emotions are connected. How can they hold onto that as they get older…for life? How can we help?

BK has a role to play in getting kids early – even younger than teens – by helping them see what their gifts are. But it can’t be via books alone…conferences? Podcasts?

How about a day like this (i.e., the open space activity) for young people?

I’m concerned that BK itself has closed itself off from kids. It’s all adults!

Make young people a BK stakeholder group – BK Youth?

The arrogance of adulthood – we think we know everything.

Have kids publish their own book(s). pull together w OBE and digital media. This would be more fluid and flexible than BKPub.

Have a BK youth conference that invites youth to help create BK Youth.



Stewart Levine
October 31, 2014

How about "BK KIDS" as a line of Books...Marilee suggested we have BK Education and this seems an adjunct. 

Donna McIntosh-Fletcher
Donna McIntosh-Fletcher
October 31, 2014


Thank you for drafting and sending these notes.  I am the Donna of the group (McIntosh-Fletcher.  I was also one who left early due to a grand child medical issue. It felt rude to do but was potentially critical. I participated in this young people in BK session as we employ high school and college students at our firm and learn so much from them – one of whom is conducting a Webinar this very morning with three clients to teach them how to use one of our online product features.  She would be an excellent participant in an open space session for young people.

JuanCarlos Arauz
JuanCarlos Arauz
October 31, 2014

I appreciate the interest in bringing in youth to the table and it will be important to ask a series of questions to ensure success such as but not limited to: (who decides what youth, what does BK mean by youth, what is the best venue for youth to participate in, what limitations will be placed as youth will be able to always expand our adult horizons)

I know that one of the challenges I have had in working with youth is that after adults validate their experience, there is a lack of acknowledgement the value that youth bring that is equal to those of adults. Hence, I have been working with folks in finding a way to translate the experiences/skills of youth that they bring into a way that adults & institutions will consider valuable. I would be interested in participating with BK in learning more about this.

JuanCarlos Arauz
JuanCarlos Arauz
October 31, 2014

Here is another idea:

so many youth in the bay area develop their own stories and create self-published anthologies. Would BK be interested in selecting some of these to bring the youth voice into the BK community