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Choose the BEST Diamond Shape When You Buy Diamonds

Choose the BEST Diamond Shape When You Buy Diamonds

Diamond Buying

We all know that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but perhaps less pointed out is that there’s one that best suits each and every kind of girl. There are many factors when choosing the right diamond, and shape is one that gives it a unique fire and brilliance. Diamonds come in various shapes and sizes and each shape is as beautiful and stunning as the next. Diamond shape is an important part of choosing your diamond as each shape will sparkle and complement in many different ways. When you buy diamonds, it is one of the most significant decisions that you will ever make and it is important that you select the diamond that is right for you. Every diamond has its own story and you’ll decide which one will choose to tell yours.

Buying Diamonds: Diamond Shapes

Following is an introduction to the most popular diamond shapes and information on how you can determine the best combination of size, color and clarity when you buy diamonds.

  1. Round Diamonds
    In diamond buying, the most popular diamond shape is the round cut diamond. It’s a timeless silhouette that is flattering on most hands of the wearer. The round diamond is generally superior to other fancy shapes when it comes to proper reflection of light which maximize its sparkle. Considering all 4Cs factors are equal, round diamonds are superior to value than any of its diamond shape counterparts. If you wish to surprise your girl but unsure of what she might like, then you could hardly go wrong with this one.
  2. Princess Cut Diamonds
    The most popular fancy diamond shape especially when you’re buying diamonds for engagement ring is the princes cut diamond. What makes it a popular choice is because its sophisticated square shape creates the illusion of a larger diamond. Similar to round cut diamonds, princess cut diamonds are a great choice for their flexibility for any style of ring.
  3. Heart Diamonds
    The heart shaped diamond is a beautiful symbol of love and romance and is very popular as engagement and promise rings. This rare and symbolic cut is an ideal way to wear your heart on your finger. There is no better way to be in love and in style all at once.
  4. Marquise Diamonds
    The marquise cut diamond is a modified football shaped diamond. Because of its long and narrow shape, it creates the illusion of a greater size. The marquise diamond has one of the largest surface areas which make it a good choice in diamond buying if you’re trying to maximize perceived size.

It can be tricky for many people to choose the right diamond. When buying diamonds, whatever diamond shape you choose for your engagement ring or other piece, always choose the best diamond that you can afford.

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