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Building the BK Brand

Building the BK Brand

Identifying strategies to build the BK brand

Greetings and thanks in advance for joining the conversation about building the BK brand. Creating this group is one way the Strategic Planning Team can identify community members who have and interest and/or expertise in building brand awareness. Thank you for your participation.

  • Dianne Platner

    What can BK do to build brand recognition?

    Created by Dianne Platner

    Brand Recognition  is the extent to which a  brand  is recognized by potential  customers , and is correctly associated with a particular  product . How can BK do this better?

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  • Dianne Platner
  • Berrett-Koehler Staff

    BK Reason for Being

    Created by Berrett-Koehler Staff

    Hi David. Hi Everyone.

    You are such quick studies!

    Here are a couple of alternates to help stoke the discussions. But, first, please remember the following about a Reason for Being:

    It is a statement that defines what an organization exists to do, not what it does to exist. It must declare a primary customer(in David's example, it was the reader). Last week, I called that "whom you serve". It must include a primary outcome (in David's example, it was to help customer achieve their individual, organization, and societal growth goals). Last week, I called that 'the value you create'. It must also clearly state how you deliver on your promise, aka your outcome (in David's example, it was by publishing 35-40 new titles per year with fresh ideas, tools, and skills.)

    The language is über important (no surprise to a group of authors) as the Reason for Being does more than bring focus, it serves as the brand's and the community's DNA going forward. Please remember that the Reason for Being is first and foremost unambiguous. The first goal is for everyone to 'get it' and achieve a singular 'mind's eye' view of the organization's intent and means to achieve results. Next, you can work on the words that tell that story (tag lines, headlines, stories, press releases, etc.). 

    Personal Reflection

    Now, I'm stepping out of the role of consultant and just responding to what I've read so far as an individual. Being, perhaps, the community's newest member (unless someone joined after me in the last hour), I have this one opportunity to share a first impression ;-)

    What I read in David Marshall's compendium of thoughts from the community offered many different benefits. While I could imagine them all co-existing peacefully, the Reason for Being exercise requires that we make the tough calls now so that the direction we set will be long-lasting and yield ever greater alignment. 

    I bucketed the comments into:

    providing community

    finding purpose meaning

    change culture

    build society

    provide support

    publishing books

    realizing visions

    In short, that's too many outcomes to manage effectively. (A Reason for Being doesn't say an organization or community can't do more than one thing, it simply places one outcome above others for alignment and effectiveness. (This is a Systems Thinking concept.)

    Another Option

    My brain took all of that and created this Reason for Being. Before you read it, please remember that while I'm technically a member, practically I'm still an outsider and I may be missing some key points. So, what you're about to read may serve you best if you look for a pattern in it--one that you might adjust to be exactly what this community needs. 

    BK exists to connect fresh ideas that can change the world with the influencers who can apply them through publishing and community.

    Here's how it breaks down:

    BK exists

    This is what we exist to do (not what we do to exist). This is our purpose. Our why-we-wake-up-every-morning. It's our DNA. This Reason for Being is what we strive to become. 

    to connect

    We take accountability for the supply chain of ideas, tools, and skills between the people who share them and the people who need them.

    fresh ideas

    Our specialty is in finding new ways of looking at the world that can help right now.

    that can change the world

    We consciously apply the value-filters of growth (scale), equality (equal access), purpose (personal, organizational, and societal), and making a difference (that we care about and others notice and appreciate). [NOTE: these terms need to be defined more carefully for sustainability.]

    with the influencers who can apply them

    We actively find, then connect working (or ready to work) 'change agents' around the planet. BK will become a primary supplier of high-and-immediate-impact ideas, tools, and skills for people on a quest to make a difference

    through publishing and community.

    We publish (through all channels and media) AND we take accountability for introducing and stewarding support-giving and action-taking communities.  

    What's Next?

    Whether you like this variation or not, it sets a pattern which you can build on as you tighten up BK's Reason for Being. Keep the conversation going! First, strive for zero ambiguity. Then, you can wordsmith to your heart's content!

    Thanks for the opportunity to serve!

    Best Regards,

    Mike Wittenstein
    Global Speaker, CX Designer & Consultant
    http://MikeWittenstein.com    //   Gets to the Heart 
    +1.770.425.9830 Main  //  +1.404.229.5809 Cell

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