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What are the objectives for building the brand?

Posted by Dianne Platner

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How do you define the objective . . . .

An objective is the end toward which effort and action are directed or coordinated. Although it is the aim or an end, it is not necessarily the final achievement.  That’s the mission.

Objectives are also whats, not hows, but they are smaller than a mission. There can be a number of objectives and goals to be achieved in order to achieve a mission, but there is usually only one mission.



Berrett-Koehler Staff
Berrett-Koehler Staff
October 27, 2014

I'm glad you started this conversation because this was one of my burning questions in the staff meeting this morning. What exactly is the goal? It's a rather broad concept that I'm still trying to digest, but I'd like to share my thoughts as a foundation for the conversation. My assumption is that our main objectives are to improve name-recognition so as to continually build credibility and popularity in both the print and digital publishing world. This in turn will draw more big-name authors to us and produce best-selling books that produce revenue and create a world that works for all. That is my take, but I would love to hear others' thoughts.

Charlotte Ashlock
Charlotte Ashlock
October 27, 2014

Connecting with customers better is the most important goal of building the brand!   We are connected very well with authors and other stakeholders, but not so much with customers.