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Did you attend BK Makes a Future?

Posted by Dianne Platner

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What did you hear about the brand?



Berrett-Koehler Staff
Berrett-Koehler Staff
October 27, 2014

Honestly, I'm not exactly sure what was derived from conversations about the brand. There was much talk about building it, but I never heard specific tactics of how that was to be done, through I believe many talked generally about marketing strategies and upping our social media presence, etc. What did others hear at the conference?

Marilyn McConnell
October 27, 2014

Brand is the business. It will be the reason folks return to the BK site for info & advice repeatedly - otherwise there are other places they already already involved in they can use to simply buy books, whether print or digital.

David Marshall
David Marshall
October 27, 2014

I was in the Open Space Technology session that Jeff Breidenbach from Argus convened. Other BKMTF attendees present were Rick Bowers, Larry Ackerman, Zoe Mackey, Johanna Vondeling, and Charlotte Ashlock. Rick Bowers (AARP VP of Brand Content Strategy) said that our current mission statement of "Creating a World That Works for All" may have served us well until now, but before we try to build brand awareness in a concerted way, we should figure out a way to simplify the message so that it can be told succinctly in a sentence or two.  He said we need to use words that everybody understands.  He also said we should have 3-5 power statements under the brand that we use consistently in our social media and marketing campaigns. 

Larry Ackerman, another brand expert, said that the current mission statement (or what Steve Piersanti is now calling a slogan) of 'Creating a World That Works for All" does not adequately describe the PROMISE to the person who is being invited to buy BK books or join the BK community.  He also said we need to work on the VOICE because it is now too intellectual and laden with jargon.  He noted that the Google voice, even though it has a powerful and serious technology behind it, is playful.  He wondered what the BK version of Google's "playful" was.  He recommended that the first order of business was to unpack or deconstruct the words in our mission statement, so we can all agree about what we mean by them. Until that's done, it's hard to measure the impact.

I'm going to write a longer piece by email to those who attended this branding session and copy Dianne, and then come back to this group after the BK Authors Marketing Workshop in Atlanta which I am now attending.