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Suggested Action Items--Who's Game for These?

Posted by Johanna Vondeling

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Here are some suggested action items that have been proposed by task force members to date.  Do any of these appeal to you?  Would you be willing to collaborate to help organize and support any of these activities?  Would you like to suggest any additional action items?

  • Organize some digital/phones event in next few months.  Could be a Google Hang-Out: “Hang Out with BK Authors!”  Could be webinar.  Would need tech support (e.g., video tools) to help facilitate remote gatherings.
  • Could offer workshops for aspiring authors, similar to current author marketing workshop in different parts of the Asia-Pacific region. These could be virtual and/or face-to-face with BK authors travelling to different places.
  • Identifying opportunities to host BK authors who are traveling to the region.
  • BK-aligned Asian-Pacific thinkers/authors and emerging writers sponsored to attend the North American annual retreat.
  • Sponsor current BK author travel to the region. Organise “exchange" conversations, to identify and share ideas about regional hot-spots of BK-friendly activity
  •  Encourage BK to “give participants a task” for what they should be doing to help BK at these events we’re dreaming up.
  • In some way link this initiative with BK’s new non-profit foundation aimed at supporting young leaders. In part, this project could be about mentoring young leaders in developing and implementing ideas AND writing stories/books about then.
  • Based on current relationships/networks that members of the task force have, possible places to focus some initial ‘quick win’ activities include:  Perth (a natural stepping off point into Australia-New Zealand and Asia), Singapore, India/Nepal, Vietnam, Cambodia, China.
  • Mini-authors/emerging authors retreats in different parts of the Asia-Pacific region, perhaps attended by ambassadors from "the mothership" co-op in the US.
  • Asian-Pacific thinkers and authors attend the North American annual co-op retreat (perhaps with support for travel expenses).



Marcia Reynolds
October 29, 2014

We didn't really talk about this one at the retreat... support young leaders. In part, this project could be about mentoring young leaders in developing and implementing ideas AND writing stories/books about then.

Maybe that could be the focus of our leadership forum that we do first as a Google Hangout to attract attention and then a live event.

Also, if we want to do something more tangible in India, there is a World Coaching Congress in February of next year. I'm invited but I could offer a panel discussion. They aren't paying travel, just hotel and registration. We could look into doing something around that. One question...do we really need a big name celebrity in India to attract people to come to an event as was suggested?

Johanna Vondeling
Johanna Vondeling
October 29, 2014

Great ideas, Marcia.  Love the focus on supporting young leaders.  Regarding the India event, I don't know if the celebrity is a critical component, but if it is, I'm happy to bring in our friends at HarperCollins India to help with that.

Marcia Reynolds
October 29, 2014

I'm hoping Jennifer and Bill reply here but it will be a good topic for our July 10th phone call.

Jennifer Kahnweiler
October 29, 2014

Some more resources are lining up for our Webinar roll outs! Dr.Bob Tobin attended the Mktg workshop and is based in Japan.Also interest from a Japanese book publisher named Eiji Harada.
We have Japan, Australia and Singapore as our first targets.