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Tarek Maassarani


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Tarek Maassarani, a friend and disciple of Tom Devine, served as investigative researcher and writer for the Government Accountability Project and the Union of Concerned Scientists on issues of scientific integrity and whistleblower rights. As an attorney, he has busied himself with human rights litigation against large multinational companies, the conceptual development of human rights impact assessments, and legal representation of the indigent. He co-founded PostiveRelating.org through which he offers consulting services to organizations and individuals related to effective communication and conflict resolution. Tarek is a professor of peacebuilding and human rights at American University and the George Washington University and lives in hilly Takoma Park with his sweetheart and two sons.

The Corporate Whistleblower's Survival Guide

How can you blow the whistle on an employer's unethical actions without endangering yourself?

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