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Daniel Seddiqui

California, USA

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Daniel Seddiqui was born and raised in the Bay Area of Northern California. Throughout his life, Daniel has been an avid athlete, training and competing in cross country and track & field. In college, he was first recruited to participate in these sports by the University of Oregon, before transferring to compete for the University of Southern California, where he graduated with a B.A. in economics.

Upon earning his degree, Daniel struggled to find a job in his field and failed countless job interviews. After a year without luck, he decided to pursue his interest in sports and took a position as a volunteer coach at Northwestern University with the women's cross country team. The following year, he volunteered as a coach for the University of Virginia football team. In the meantime, Daniel struggled to make ends meet by taking odd jobs and working in retail, soon concluding, however, that he needed to find a more permanent career.

After having lived in various states and experiencing some of what our country has to offer, Daniel conceived the idea of working one job at a time for one week in every state. His goal was to learn about America by crossing borders and working alongside its people. He sought work representative of each state's culture and economy--at a theme park in Florida and as a surfing instructor in Hawaii, for example.

To turn his vision into reality, Daniel had to return to California first. There, he attempted to fund his project through sponsorships, but again met with constant rejection. So he decided to pursure his journey independently, settin gup fifty jobs in fifty states over fifty consecutive weeks.

Though Daniel's journey was initially publicized only through his personal web site and social networks, it gained national and international media attention as he proceeded, and millions followed him on his remarkable quest. He has been featured on World News Tonight, CNN, Fox News, The Today Show, MSNBC, National Public Radio, and in the New York Daily News and Los Angeles Times, and many others.

Since fulfilling his All-American resume, Daniel has been on a lecture tour, speaking at universities, conferences, and with organizations, inspiring others to pursue their own goals amid adversity. He has developed a college semester program that empowers students to make informed decisions about their course selections and future career paths by exposing them to a variety of authentic work experiences during an ""on the job"" summer college semester. Daniel is now based in Chicago, Illinois.


50 Jobs in 50 States

Would you be prepared to search everywhere, high and low, for your true career?

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