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Find the Best Consultants, Experts, and Coaches

Terms and Conditions

Annual Subscription Fee:

Basic: $25/year. Profile components: 1 photo, company logo, 3 expertise search categories, 100-word company description, location, email address, phone number, hour/day rate (optional)

Medium: $50/year. Profile components: 3 photos, company logo, 6 expertise search categories, 200-word company description, location, email address,phone number, hour/day rate (optional)

Advanced: $75/year. (Free to the first 500 subscribers in the first year of the service). Profile components: 10 photos, company logo, 10 expertise search categories, 800-word company description, location, email address, phone number, hour/day rate (optional)

BK reserves the right to modify the subscription pricing over time, but change agents will be notified in advance. Any price increases will apply only upon renewal and not in the middle of a subscription term. BK reserves the right to grandfather prices for early registrants.

Referral Fee:

You agree that if you receive a new engagement for your services from a client referred to you through the Directory, you will pay to BK in addition to your annual subscription fee a referral fee of 10% (ten percent) of the total fee for services provided to the client during the first twelve months after the referral from the Directory. A client referred to you through the Directory will receive a code that will alert you that the client is a referral from the Directory. You will be responsible for notifying BK of any engagement based on such a referral and for transmitting the referral fee to BK within sixty (60) days of your receipt of payment from such a client.

Honor the Berrett-Koehler Community pledge of integrity and civility:

"As a Berrett-Koehler Community member, I agree to align my professional work practice with the mission of creating a world that works for all. I promise to bring the spirit of community to clients I encounter through this directory. I will bring a mindset of positive change, new ideas, and stakeholder awareness to all my professional dealings, and I will charge an appropriate and fair fee for my services. I will value my clients as human beings first and business partners second. I accept that any clients I engage through this directory shall be free to post any constructive and accurate comments about my work for all to see.”

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