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BONUS! By entering this contest, you are also connecting yourself via email to a couple of fantastic organizations.

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2) The Arbinger Institute, author of The Outward Mindset will keep you in the loop about their hottest new books and products. Arbinger is a world leader in changing mindsets. Read their inspiring whitepapers here.

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More about The Outward Mindset
$16.95 Print paperback
June 2016

The Outward Mindset enables individuals and organizations to make the one change that most dramatically improves performance, sparks collaboration, and accelerates innovation—a shift to an outward mindset.

Without even being aware of it, many of us operate from an inward mindset, a single-minded focus on our own goals and objectives. This book points out the many ways, some quite subtle and deceptive, that this mindset invites tension and conflict. But incredible things happen when people switch to an outward mindset. They intuitively understand what coworkers, colleagues, family, and friends need to be successful and happy. Their organizations thrive, and astonishingly, by focusing on others they become happier and more successful themselves!

The Outward Mindset presents compelling true stories to illustrate the gaps that individuals and organizations typically experience between their actual inward mindsets and their needed outward mindsets. And it provides simple yet profound guidance and tools to help bridge this mindset gap. In the long run, changing negative behavior without changing one’s mindset doesn’t last—the old behaviors always reassert themselves. But changing the mindset that causes the behavior changes everything.

Also available in hardcover, digital and audio formats.

More About The Arbinger Institute

The Arbinger Institute is a worldwide training, consulting, and coaching organization whose programs and methodologies are based on forty-five years of research in the psychology of human behavior and motivation and more than thirty-five years of experience working with organizations worldwide. Headquartered in the United States, Arbinger has operations around the world, including throughout the Americas, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, India, Oceania, and Asia. To learn more about how Arbinger’s work can help you or your organization, please visit www.arbinger.com.

Winners receive a copy of Leadership and Self Deception, The Anatomy of Peace, and The Outward Mindset, plus online bonus materials for The Outward Mindset.All contestants will be entered in a drawing to win the grand prize of free admission to a 2-day Arbinger training course. See rules and regulation for the drawing here.