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Criteria for Non-US Authors

1. The book idea must be compellingly different from current market offerings in the United States and not just the author's home country. The work's approach and style  must also be in keeping with U.S. consumer's tastes.

2. The author must be fluent in English, both speaking and writing.  A lack of fluency in English will negatively impact the author's ability to market and sell his/her work in the United States and also generate additional expenses for BK to have the work translated or re-written.

3. The author must have active networks in and organizational affiliations with U.S.-based groups and institutions in addition to the author's international networks. The author should consistently engage these networks and travel frequently to the U.S. to work with them.

4. We prefer original works previously unpublished in other formats or languages. We want to actively license the work in as many markets as possible and thereby maximize rights income. We are not interested in publishing authors who want a U.S. edition of their work simply for eminence or posterity.