Self Assessments

    Future Readiness Self-Assessment

    Do you have the 5 literacies and 10 skills needed to lead now and a year from now?

    The Innovation Code Self-Assessment

    Could you become more innovative if you knew how your world views differ from your company's?

    The Transformational Consumer Self-Assessment

    Do your customers trust you to help them fulfill their needs and desires? Test yourself.

    Leading with Character and Competence (Digital Self-Assessment)

    What would the four corners of your leadership character and competence assessment look like?

    Leading Continuous Change Self-Assessment

    As a leader, how can you measure where and how to most effectively focus your change initiatives?

    Social Impact Self-Assessment

    We all want to do good in the world, but how do we know if what we're doing is working?

    My Ethical Workplace Organizational Assessment

    Measure it! How can we figure out the right thing to do, even in the most difficult situations?

    Is Your Name Awesome? 30 Important Questions To Ask

    Measure it! Have you ever needed to think of a catchy name but didn't know where to start?

    Positive Leadership Practices Self-Assessment

    Measure it! Did you know you get better results as a leader by focusing on what's going right?

    The Courageous Follower Self-Assessment

    Measure it! How can we make sure the people at the top aren't blind to important information?

    Quiet Influence Quotient (QIQ) Self-Assessment

    Measure it! What types of social influence are introverts naturally adept at performing?

    Productivity Workflow Formula Self-Assessment

    Measure it! What if you could DO less and ACHIEVE more?

    Creating Personal Presence Self-Assessment

    Measure it! Do you want to be the kind of person who commands instant attention when they walk into a room?

    Leadership Style Self-Assessment

    Measure it! What kind of manager are you- a thinker or a feeler?