Enhanced E Books

    Rethinking Performance Management--A Leaders Guide (Enhanced)

    Enhanced executive edition of How Performance Management is Killing Performance – and What to Do About It.

    Pro-Voice (Enhanced)

    Are you tired of polarized discussion of controversial issues, and wanting more focus on healing and problem-solving?

    The Orbital Perspective (Enhanced)

    From space, the world looks so small and precious- why can't we all collaborate to make it a better place?

    Yoga Wisdom at Work (Enhanced)

    Can you bring the deep wisdom of the 8 branches of yoga to enrich your work life ?

    Walk Out Walk On (Enhanced)

    How can someone "walk out" of limiting beliefs and "walk on" to create healthy, resilient communities?

    The Truth about Lies in the Workplace (Enhanced)

    How can you tell if someone's lying - and what do you do if they are?

    The Seven Paths (Enhanced)

    What happens when an individualistic approach to self-help is not enough?

    The Power of Purpose (Enhanced)

    How can I find a reason to get up on Monday morning?

    Speaking Up (Enhanced)

    Is there a presentation you have to give to senior management that you really just have to nail?

    Life Reimagined (Enhanced)

    There comes a time in our lives when we wonder, "What's next?"

    Kiss That Frog! (Enhanced)

    Want to know the secret to removing procrastination from your life forever?

    How to Change Minds (Enhanced)

    Have you ever been in a situation where the only way you could save someone was by changing their mind?

    Full Voice (Enhanced)

    Do you want voice coaching that will help you express your true self & share your gifts with the world?

    Be The Best Bad Presenter Ever (Enhanced)

    How do you become a great presenter when all other advice fails?

    Affluenza (Enhanced)

    Want to know how to cure the disease of consumerism?