Great gift books

    Empowerment Takes More Than a Minute

    Do you want to create a responsibility-oriented business culture?

    A Simpler Way

    How can we make life less arduous and more delightful?

    Turning to One Another

    Bestselling author Margaret Wheatley (Leadership and the New Science, over 250,000 copies sold) proposes that we use the increasingly popular process...

    A Peacock in the Land of Penguins

    Do you ever feel like a peacock in a land of penguins? Wonder what to do about standing out?

    Full Steam Ahead!

    Do you want to find the compelling vision that unleashes your organization's power & potential?

    Managing by Values

    More than recognizing values are important, how can you make them part of the work you do every day?

    The Five Secrets You Must Discover Before You Die

    What answers would you get if you asked the happiest people you knew, about the secrets to a happy life?

    Love It, Don't Leave It

    You hate your job, but you don't want to risk switching- what's something you can try?

    Getting Things Done When You Are Not in Charge

    Do you want to know how to make a difference in your organization, regardless of your formal position?

    Open Space Technology

    from BK Fast Fundamentals

    A Higher Standard of Leadership

    Would you like to know the secrets of Gandhi's inspirational leadership style?

    Be a Sales Superstar

    Do you want to get better appointments and close more sales faster than ever before?

    I Moved Your Cheese

    Who Moved My Cheese? – the biggest selling business book of all time with over 25 million copies in print —...


    Would you like to know the inner principles that drove a humble fishmonger to greatness?

    Great Leaders Grow

    The authors of the bestseller The Secret (over 350,000 copies sold)—legendary bestselling author Ken Blanchard and top Chick-fil-A executive Mark Miller—offer...

    The Leadership Wisdom of Jesus

    What lessons can we find in the New Testament for the modern-day work world?

    The 4-Dimensional Manager

    How can managers learn to support people with all different working styles?

    Know Can Do!

    How to close the gap between what someone's digested intellectually, and what they actually do?

    The 21 Success Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires

    What personality traits do all self-made millionaires have in common?

    Networking for People Who Hate Networking

    Most books for people who would rather get a root canal than face a roomful of strangers tell readers how to...

    Solving Tough Problems

    How can we practice open & creative problem-solving in polarized, high-stake situations?

    The One Minute Negotiator

    How can you conquer your fear of negotation and make the process successful & stress-free?

    Go Team!

    Shouldn't a team take advantage of the full potential of ALL its members?

    Positive Leadership

    This is the bestselling and leading introduction to the new field of positive leadership, which helps leaders in all types of...

    The Introverted Leader

    As an introvert, do you feel excluded, overlooked, or misunderstood in the workplace?

    Flight Plan

    Want to hear secret of charting a course from rags to riches?

    Accidental Genius

    Would you like to learn a simple, easy technique for unlocking your creative powers?


    Helping others is one of the most universal things that people do every day in their work and lives. Yet often...

    Magnetic Service

    What turns an ordinary customer into a devoted brand evangelist?

    The Highest Goal

    How can finding your higher purpose help unlock your creativity?


    Do you believe honest, face-to-face conversation is crucial in the workplace?

    The Abundant Community

    Bestselling authors John McKnight and Peter Block offer compelling new understanding of how and why community has been lost in our...

    Creating Personal Presence

    Bestselling author (Communicate with Confidence!, over 160,000 copies sold) Dianna Booher takes the mystery out of creating the “Personal Presence” that...

    The She Spot

    How can expand your outreach to connect with women in addition to men? Think both/and, not either/or.

    Transferring Learning to Behavior

    Could you get the people you train to apply what they learn when the training is over?

    Claiming Your Place At the Fire

    How do you stoke the wisdom gained in the first half of your life to burn more brightly in the second half?

    Kiss That Frog!

    Want to know the secret to removing procrastination from your life forever?

    The Future of Staff Groups

    Who are the overlooked power brokers in corporations?

    Implementing the Four Levels

    Now that you know how to evaluate training programs, would you also like to implement them?

    Your Leadership Legacy

    Are you leaving a lasting legacy that involves living the values you espose?


    What does it really mean to be truly prosperous and happy?

    The Influence Edge

    As you must to get things done, how can you influence people over whom you have no direct control?

    Quiet Influence

    What types of social influence are introverts naturally adept at performing?

    Covert Processes At Work

    Do you want to understand and deal with the hidden forces blocking change in your organization?

    Escape from Management Hell

    Do you ever feel like you're trapped in management hell?

    Be BIG

    Are you tired of being small- do you want to expand to your fullest potential?

    Be the Hero

    Would you like to discover the stories about yourself that inspire you to greater heights?

    Three Deep Breaths

    Would you like a simple technique to transform tough situations into positive, energizing experiences?

    Executive Coaching for Results

    Do you want to link the impact of your coaching to bottom-line results?

    Power and Love

    What's an approach to social change that takes into account people's conflicing inner motivations?

    Intrapreneuring in Action

    How can you identify the natural entrepreneurs among your employees & harness their creative energy?

    Don't Just Do Something, Stand There!

    Rather than trying to change people, why not try to change the conditions in which they interact?

    The Pause Principle

    A bestselling thought leader turns standard thinking on it's head--leadership is not all action. It's also reflection and even meditation. Cashman's...

    What To Do When There's Too Much To Do

    What if you could DO less and ACHIEVE more?

    The Female Vision

    How can businesses use the feminine perspective to their advantage?

    The Change Cycle

    How do you help people emotionally cope with organizational change?

    Artful Work

    Do you think work become better and more fulfilling when you approach it artistically?

    Answering Your Call

    Are you determined to discover your calliing, the true reason you were put upon this planet?

    Expect the Unexpected Or You Won't Find It

    Do you want to get your brain spinning creatively on novel solutions to the most intractable problems?

    Best Care Anywhere

    Would you like to find out how a terrible health care system transforms itself into a wonderful one?

    The New Social Learning

    How can you use social media as a training tool? How can it foster collaboration & innovation in business?

    Just Good Business

    How can corporate social responsibilty become part of your brand?

    True North Groups

    Could you build an effective, supportive True North Group to challenge, inspire and propel you to success?

    America As Empire

    What kind of empire should America be? The kind that ushers in the END of empire?

    Capitalism 3.0

    Can we "upgrade" capitalism by reclaiming the commons?

    Hands-On Training

    Would you like to know how on-the-job training can be done more effectively?

    Shifting Sands

    How do you cope with challenges that are not straightforward- when there seem to be no landmarks?

    Learning to Use What You Already Know

    What if correctly using your current knowledge could power as much innovation as NEW learning?

    You Don't Have To Do It Alone

    What if you could make collaboration an asset in your work and your life?

    Something to Live For

    What do you want the second half of your life to be- a decline, or a journey of discovery & growth?

    This Changes Everything

    How did the Occupy! movement change the way we understand our own society?

    Get Paid More and Promoted Faster

    Do you want to apply the secrets and strategies used by the highest paid people in our society?

    So Far from Home

    When you fight for change and don't achieve it, how can you refresh your spirit to keep on fighting?

    Change Is Everybody's Business

    How can people come to realize their own power to support, stymie or redirect change?


    Could you find energy in risk, opportunity in the unknown, and possibility in the people all around you?

    True To Yourself

    How can you build a successful business the helps the planet, serves people, and excels financially?

    Aligned Thinking

    Looking for wisdom and insight which will make you feel less like you're trapped in the rat race?

    How to Change Minds

    Have you ever been in a situation where the only way you could save someone was by changing their mind?

    Spiritual Capital

    What would capitalism that respected all living beings look like?

    On Our Own Terms

    How do female CEOs make it to the top?

    Values-Driven Business

    What if you could start or transform a business into a successful, values driven organization?

    The Art of Convening

    How can you convene a meeting where people genuinely express themselves & genuinely listen?

    The Improvisation Edge

    How to achieve fearless participation and selfless collaboration in the workplace?

    99 to 1

    Would you like to know the true story behind the USA's dire income inequality?

    Fear Your Strengths

    Have you noticed that a strength taken to an extreme can actually be a weakness?

    The Power of Failure

    How can you use your failures to rocket you towards long-term success?

    Formula 2 + 2

    Do you dread giving feedback? Do you wish there was an easier way to broach difficult subjects?

    Built To Love

    How can you create products and services which really connect with a customer's emotions?

    So You're New Again

    How can you succeed when you change jobs?

    The Blind Men and the Elephant

    What can you do to make your team project flow smoothly when everyone only sees their own piece of it?

    Memoirs of a Recovering Autocrat

    How can you manage your inner control freak?

    The Spirit of Leadership

    How can embracing the inner spirit of leadership enhance your organization's performance and its people?

    Ten Thousand Horses

    How can you turn employees from dutiful drones to committed contributors?

    How to Succeed in Your First Job

    Are you wondering how to make the most out of your new job?

    Transformative Scenario Planning

    What if you had a constructive way for actors from across a system to transform the system together?

    The Connect Effect

    How can you take a conscious, systematic approach to networking?

    Yes Lives in the Land of No

    How would you like it if NO was actually your pathway to YES?

    You're Addicted to You

    Do you want to learn ways to overcome your deepest inner challenges and barriers?

    Mother Teresa, CEO

    Did you know that Mother Teresa brought ruthless business savvy to her charitable work?

    Make Talent Your Business

    What if talent development could easily be worked into your day-to-day routine?

    Managing for People Who Hate Managing

    Do you find managing stressful?

    Mission, Inc.

    What makes the difference between success and failure for a social enterprise?

    Gifts from the Mountain

    Are you inspired by nature to discover the simple truths in life's complexities?

    Being Buddha At Work

    How can you hold onto your calm, compassionate self in the midst of workplace stress and clamor?

    More Than Money

    What do you want out of your career besides money?

    Living in More Than One World

    What if, instead of pursuing so-called "work-life balance," you could live fully in ALL facets of your life?

    Rooftop Revolution

    What if solar power was far more effective than the dirty-energy special interests would have you know?

    Whale Done Parenting

    What can killer whales teach us about Parenting?

    Responsible Restructuring

    Did you know that layoffs usually cause long-term harm? Want to know the alternatives?

    Opening Doors To Teamwork and Collaboration

    Want to know some tricks for making collaboration easier?

    No More Regrets!

    What's the secret to living a life without regret?

    Time and the Soul

    In Time and the Soul Jacob Needleman uses stories-of a middle-aged psychiatrist going back in time to encounter his younger self;...

    Leading People Through Disasters

    How can a company's leader be prepared for disaster to strike?

    Consensus Through Conversation

    Do you want your employees to be passionately committed to a future that they have helped to shape?

    The Self-Made Myth

    What if "pulling yourself up by the bootstraps" was actually a straw man, a myth, with no root in reality?

    True Partnership

    How can you reframe your understanding of partnership to make your organization thrive?

    Take Charge of Your Talent

    Don't we benefit most when we develop EVERYONE's talent, not just the "high potentials?"

    The Wisdom of Solomon at Work

    What lessons are there in the Hebrew Bible for Leaders today?

    Smart Videoconferencing

    How can you make the videoconference equipment your friend?

    Small Change

    What's wrong with applying market logic to social problems & social good organizations?

    Citizen Wealth

    Do you think working people should be able to build a future that extends beyond paying next month's rent?

    Share This!

    How can we use the Internet to change the narrative & get marginalized voices heard?

    Invisible Capital

    How can you evaluate the strength of the "invisible capital" that predicts your success as an entrepreneur?

    Positively M.A.D.

    Are you inspired by tales of people who make a difference in the world despite all odds?

    Seeing Red Cars

    How can you rewire your brain to focus on positive outcomes and draw them towards you?

    All Together Now

    How can we move from a "you're on your own" country to an "all together now" country?

    Leading in Turbulent Times

    How can you lead in times of accelerating change and economic uncertainty?

    Values Sell

    How can you leverage creativity and relationships to ensure that you values-driven products compete?

    Growing Local Value

    What are strategies for benefiting your community and bottom line at same time?

    The Greater Goal

    How can the mission statement be something we do more than frame & stick on the lobby wall?

    Our Common Wealth

    How can the tragedy of the commons, become the miracle of the commons?

    Getting To Scale

    Do value-driven BK Businesses have to choose between staying small and selling out?

    Framing the Future

    Do you want to understand the framing that works with persuadable voters?

    Collective Visioning

    How can activist groups recruit and give full voice to a truly diverse membership?

    Helping Your New Employee Succeed

    How can new hires be MOST effective- and shouldn't their training go beyond the how-to of menial tasks?

    Dot Calm

    Is technology making your life harder instead of easier?

    The Quest for Authentic Power

    Could you achieving your deepest desires without manipulation, coercion, or intimidation?

    Predictive Evaluation

    How can you measure the business effects of your training program?

    On Target

    What systematic follow-up on your business plan is needed to keep your organization on-target?

    Dial 9 to Get Out!

    Do you desperately need to see the absurd and funny side of business life?

    Unite and Conquer

    How can progressives use tactics of inclusivity to achieve the social change they advocate?

    The Art of Insight

    Wouldn't it be nice to have insights when you needed them, instead of waiting for inspiration to strike?

    Online Learning Today

    For what purposes should an organization use e-learning?

    The Art of Quantum Planning

    What's a new way to bring imagination into your planning process?

    Crisis at Santa's Workshop

    Have you ever wondered how Santa Claus, that paragon of efficiency, runs his workshop?

    False Profits

    Do you know why top economic policymakers fail to prevent economic disaster?

    Plunder and Blunder

    Are you sick of the rise & fall of the bubble economy?

    10 Steps to Successful Teams

    Would you like to learn the best way to coach teams to success?

    Feeding Your Leadership Pipeline

    How can smaller companies create effective Leadership Development programs?

    Coaching Up & Down the Generations

    What adaptations should you make to your coaching style to speak to different generations?

    Practicing Positive Leadership

    Did you know you get better results as a leader by focusing on what's going right?

    Why Wait to be Great?

    How do you get past what's holding you back and embrace the power of your best self?

    Dignity for All

    What actions can we take to end "rankism" in society?

    Employee Surveys That Work

    How can we design employee surveys that actually yield useful results?

    Life Reimagined

    For hundreds of millions of people around the world, there is a new life phase between middle age and old age:...

    Overfished Ocean Strategy

    How can companies turn scarcity into opportunity?

    Let's Stop Meeting Like This

    Is it possible to hold meetings that actually maximize productivity?

    Your Life Isn't for You

    How can focusing on others save you from yourself?

    ZIP! Tips

    How can we be productive when our work lives are stressful and overwhelming?

    How the Poor Can Save Capitalism

    Can empowering the lower class save America's economy?

    With Liberty and Dividends for All

    How can dividends save Americans from a collapsing economy?

    The Idea-Driven Organization

    Some businesses use front line worker ideas to help profits skyrocket- how do they do it?

    The Intelligent Optimist's Guide to Life

    Since being an optimist increases your effectiveness, isn't it the most pragmatic choice?

    Embrace the Chaos

    Do you find yourself trying to control the chaos in your life, only to become more stressed?

    The Social Labs Revolution

    What kind of multi-stakeholder approach is powerful enough to truly address complex social problems?

    Rise of the American Corporate Security State

    When the government and the corporations are teaming up to steal our privacy, what can we do?

    Hello, My Name Is Awesome

    Naming a business or product has always been challenging—and sometimes costly—for entrepreneurs and inventors, but it’s one of the most important...

    Outsmart Waste

    What would happen if we redefined the concept of garbage?

    The Truth about Lies in the Workplace

    How can you tell if someone's lying - and what do you do if they are?

    The Discomfort Zone

    How can leaders navigate the awkward conversations which help people grow?

    Peer-to-Peer Leadership

    How can we be effective leaders without relying on hierarchy?

    The Reciprocity Advantage

    What is your hidden right-of-way that you can leverage to grow your business?

    Deepening Community

    How do we build deep communities that nurture our need for connection?

    The Seven Paths

    What happens when an individualistic approach to self-help is not enough?

    Who Kidnapped Excellence?

    What is excellence, and how can we use it to become the best version of ourselves?

    What Your Boss Really Wants From You

    Do you ever feel like your boss is impossible to read?

    In Their Own Hands

    How can savings groups help fight poverty across the globe?

    Be the Best Bad Presenter Ever

    What if all the traditional advice for presenters is just plain wrong?

    The Six Secrets of Raising Capital

    Did you know most entrepreneurs overlook some of the most effective ways to raise capital?

    Power Through Partnership

    How can strong female partnerships help women in the workplace?

    Change the Story, Change the Future

    Can we change our culture's framing story to better honor humanity and the earth?

    Rebalancing Society

    How can we get society back in balance?

    Refire! Don't Retire

    How can retirement be less about winding down, and more about carrying out new dreams?

    Sustainable Happiness

    What's the alternative to materialism, the real pathway to deep and lasting happiness?

    The Confidence Myth

    What if everyone telling you, "You need more confidence!" is totally misunderstanding the problem?

    The Hamster Revolution for Meetings

    Are you sick of wasting endless time in meetings?

    The Nonviolence Handbook

    What will convince people that nonviolence is not the path of the weak but the path of the strong?

    The Resilient Investor

    How can you prepare not just your finances, but also your life, to be ready for whatever the unexpected future might hold?

    You Unstuck

    What's keeping you trapped, unable to move forward in work or life?

    Your Leadership Story

    How can you better understand the dynamic ways your leadership effects others?

    The Idea-Driven Organization (Audio)

    Some businesses use front line worker ideas to help profits skyrocket- how do they do it?

    Let's Stop Meeting Like This (Audio)

    Is it possible to hold meetings that actually maximize productivity?

    You Unstuck (Audio)

    What's keeping you trapped, unable to move forward in work or life?

    Your Leadership Story (Audio)

    How can you better understand the dynamic ways your leadership effects others?

    The Nonviolence Handbook (Audio)

    What will convince people that nonviolence is not the path of the weak but the path of the strong?

    Refire! Don't Retire (Audio)

    How can retirement be less about winding down, and more about carrying out new dreams?

    Culture Crossing

    What nice hand gesture in your country can get you in trouble in another?

    A Leadership Kick in the Ass

    Did you boss tell you to stop brown-nosing?

    The Five Thieves of Happiness

    Have your banished your happiness thieves today?

    Crunch Time

    Can you throw strikes under pressure in the workplace?

    Pacing for Growth

    Find the perfect balance between growth and sustainability

    Capitalists Arise!

    Capitalists really can help end income inequality.

    Ask Outrageously!

    Are you asking for what you want or just taking what you are given? Chances are, it’s the latter. Linda Swindling...

    Breaking Through Gridlock

    Use the power of authentic conversations to get create a better world.

    Completing Capitalism

    Capitalism can heal the world. If we want it to.

    The Millennial Myth

    Unlocking and harnessing modern talent will be the key to survival in the future. Are you prepared to lead?

    Stop Guessing

    Get to the right answer quickly and effectively.

    Eat That Frog! Cards

    Will these cards really help me stop procrastinating?

    The Memo

    America’s poor, working poor, and middle class are in a waiting game they cannot win. Jobs will not come, times will...

    Up Is Not the Only Way

    Bestselling author Beverly Kaye (Love ’Em or Lose ’Em—700,000 copies sold), joins coauthors Lynn Cowart and Lindy Williams to deliver a...

    The Innovation Code

    Innovation comes from creative tension, not harmonious interaction, says “Dean of Innovation” Jeff DeGraff. He identifies four basic approaches to innovation...

    The Innovation Code Card Game

    Am I an Artist, Athlete, Sage, or Engineer?

    Stand up to Stigma

    Learn how you can undo the processes and effects of stigma

    The Long-Distance Leader

    Leadership First, Locations Second. As more organizations adopt a remote workforce, the challenges of leading at a distance become more urgent...

    The Magic of Tiny Business

    In The Magic of Tiny Business, by ECOBAGS® founder and pioneering green business champion, Sharon Rowe shows entrepreneurs and business owners...

    Managing Project Integration

    Apply today's best practices for managing information, processes and people to maximize success within the constraints of project cost, scope and...

    Effective Work Breakdown Structures

    Learn new perspectives on how to apply the WBS to today's different types of projects for results!

    Project Planning and Scheduling

    This is the only book that makes all planning methods and tools available to project managers at all levels easy to...

    Managing Projects for Value

    Apply today's best practices for managing information, processes and people to maximize success within the constraints of project cost, scope and...

    Project Risk Management

    Gain the insight you need to clarify real requirements before you initiate project work

    Project Measurement

    Need help determining the effectiveness of your management? Use this tool to understand the ins and outs of project measurement!

    Managing Project Quality

    Make breakthroughs in project quality by combining project management with quality management!

    Project Estimating and Cost Management

    Improve the accuracy of project estimates and make better in-progress modifications by following the discipline-independent approach mapped out in this book....

    Project Leadership

    Why is Project Leadership Important? Can you have a successful project without it? Read this book to find out!

    Six Sigma for Project Managers

    Six Sigma for Project Managers explores the concepts that project managers need to know to make six sigma work for their...

    The Triple Constraints in Project Management

    Project management can be complex! This book will add new layers to understanding the depths of being the ultimate program manager!...

    Professionalizing Business Analysis

    Learn both the strategic and tactical roles of the business analyst!

    The Business Analyst as Strategist

    Master business analysis competencies with this in depth look at successful strategies!

    From Analyst to Leader

    Learn about analysts challenging leadership role as they become strategic leaders of change for their organizations.

    The Cornerstones of Engaging Leadership (with CD)

    Learn how to unleash the potential of others and inspire effective performance.

    The Five Commitments of a Leader (with CD)

    Elevate your potential and success as a leader with this inspirational book and CD!

    Performance Networks

    Concerned about performance networks? Working across government agencies and boundaries is difficult at any level of government, but it may be...

    The Prompt Payment Act Answer Book

    Understand the ins and outs of the Prompt Payment Act!

    Surveying Fundamentals for Business Analysts

    This book gives clear guidelines on how to create effective surveys for analysis

    Pragmatic Project Management

    Gain insight in how to choose the most appropriate approach for the size and complexity of the project

    The Insider's Guide to Supervising Government Employees

    Whether you are new to the supervisory role or a seasoned supervisor working to improve your and your staff’s performance, this...

    The Government Manager's Guide to Appropriations Law

    This guide offers sound and easy-to-apply advice to help government managers deal with appropriated funds properly and legally!

    The Government Manager's Guide to Leading Teams

    Inspire and direct a cooperative team with the help of this book!

    The Government Manager's Guide to the Work Breakdown Structure

    Work breakdown structures are implemental in creating systems that work for public servants.

    The Government Manager's Guide to Contract Negotiation

    Learn to be an ideal contractor when working with federal contracts! Learn to be an ideal contractor when working with federal...

    The Government Manager's Guide to Strategic Planning

    Create a work flow to account for the issues you expect and the problems you don't!

    The Government Manager's Guide to Project Management

    Source seletion can be a confusing subject, but this book will give you the clarity needed to make decisions geared for success

    Maximizing Project Success through Human Performance

    Learn about assessing problems and developing success through understanding human dynamics and psychology

    The Government Manager's Guide to Plain Language

    Confused by federal project management? This book will have the answers to your questions!

    The Government Manager's Guide to The Statement of Work

    What is a statement of work? Peek inside for help navigating the complications in federal planning!

    The Government Manager's Guide to Earned Value Management

    Learn how to maximize earned value management as a project management resource.

    The Government Manager's Guide to Contract Law

    Confused by Government contracts? Look no further than here to get the ins and outs of federal contracts!

    Great Lessons in Project Management

    Learn and understand the tools, techniques and methods needed to clarify difficult or problematic ethical situations and to determine the best...

    Humble Leadership

    Bestselling author and father of organizational culture studies, Edgar Schein and Peter Schein trail-blaze with a creative perspective on leadership that...

    On the Brink of Everything

    From beloved bestselling author Parker J. Palmer (Let Your Life Speak) comes a beautiful book of meditations and reflections on eight...

    Your Happiness Was Hacked

    “Technology is a great servant but a terrible master. This is the most important book ever written about one of the...

    Going Horizontal

    For every company like Zappos that has achieved the Utopia of an egalitarian business model, there are thousands that remain stuck...

    Turning People into Teams

    Collaborative strategies work when they're designed by teams—where each person is heard, valued, and held accountable. This book is a practical...

    Why People Don’t Believe You…

    For some, projecting confidence and credibility is second nature. For others, it seems like a foreign language they’ll never learn –...

    Help Them Grow or Watch Them Go

    The new edition of the bestselling employee development classic includes advice on engagement and retention in today’s more flexible employment environment...

    Erasing Institutional Bias

    All humans have bias, and as a result, so do the institutions we build. Internationally sought after diversity consultant Tiffany Jana...

    The Five Legends

    Drawing on 30 years of helping families, this profound fable by the Anasazi Foundation illustrates the true anguish of conflict and...

    Citizen Capitalism

    Top Cornell law professor Lynn Stout and her coauthors Tamara Belinfanti and Sergio Gramitto offer a visionary but practical proposal to...

    Be a Project Motivator

    How do project managers achieve spectacular results when they have no direct authority over their team members? Here’s a foolproof process...

    Safe Enough to Soar

    Bestselling authors and renowned diversity consultants Fred Miller and Judith Katz bring their long-awaited new book that shows any manager or...

    Safe Enough to Soar (Audio)

    Bestselling authors and renowned diversity consultants Fred Miller and Judith Katz bring their long-awaited new book that shows any manager or...

    Diversity Beyond Lip Service

    "La’Wana Harris has opened this coach’s eyes to the power of coaching practices to create new paths for diversity and inclusion...

    Bedtime Stories for Managers

    In forty-two succinct, surprising essays, legendary scholar Henry Mintzberg brings management down from the clouds and onto solid ground....

    50 Jobs in 50 States

    Would you be prepared to search everywhere, high and low, for your true career?