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Press Release: Sustainable Happiness

New Book Shows How to Live Simply, Live Well, and Make a Difference

“This beautiful compilation of voices reminds us that happiness isn’t something we ‘find.’ It’s what we become as we align our lives with a thriving community and life-giving Earth. I highly recommend reading Sustainable Happiness. You’ll be so happy you did.”Frances Moore Lappé, author and cofounder of the Small Planet Institute

In Sustainable Happiness, Sarah van Gelder and her team at YES! Magazine examines what real happiness means with fascinating research, poignant essays, and stories from visionaries like Annie Leonard and Vandana Shiva.

This book redefines the common cultural definition of happiness that leaves people empty and hopelessly seeking fulfillment in material possessions. Sustainable Happiness shows that authentic well-being comes from supportive relationships, thriving communities, and making meaningful contributions through the work that we do. All this culminates in the sense of collective renewal received from the beauty of a vibrant, natural world. In this book, readers will find creative and practical ways to cultivate a happiness that is nurturing, enduring, and life affirming.

Sarah van Gelder is the cofounder and editor-in-chief of YES! Magazine and YesMagazine.org, a national, nonprofit media organization that reframes the biggest problems of our time in terms of their solutions.

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