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Four Principles | Joseph Jaworski

Berrett-Koehler Staff Posted by Berrett-Koehler Staff.

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Four Principles | Joseph Jaworski

Source: Four Principles of Generative Discovery

Adapted from Joseph Jaworski's Book, Source (Berrett-Koehler, 2012)

  1. There is an open and emergent quality to the universe. A group of simple components can suddenly reemerge at a higher level of self-organization as a new entity with new properties. We can’t find a cause or reason for this emergent quality, but as we experience it again and again, we see that the universe offers infinite possibility.
  2. The universe is a domain of undivided wholeness; both the material world and the consciousness are parts of the same undivided whole. The totality of existence is enfolded within each fragment of space and time - whether it is a single object, thought, or event. Thus, everything in the universe, including human intentions and ways of being, affects everything else, because everything is part of the same unbroken whole.
  3. There is a creative Source of infinite potential enfolded in the universe. Connection to this Source leads to the emergence of new realities - discovery, creating, renewal, and transformation. We are partners in the unfolding of the universe.
  4. Humans can learn to draw this this infinite potential of the Source by choosing to follow a disciplined path toward self-realization and love, the most powerful energy in the universe. The path may include teachings from ancient traditions developed over thousands of years, contemplative practices, and direct exposure to the degenerative process of nature.