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8 Options For Publishing Your Book

Ryan McGuire

  1. You can self-publish your book, using one or more of these options:
    --Photocopying your manuscript and selling it in a three-ring binder
    --Publishing it as a hardcover, a mass market book or a trade paperback
    --Using print-on demand (POD) at no cost or for money
    --Using print-quantity-needed (PQN) for short runs
    --Using offset printing for longer runs
    --Publishing it for free online as a blog, articles, and a manuscript
    --Publishing it with the growing number of publishers that have self-publishing imprints
    --Selling it chapter by chapter as a subscription
    --As an app
  2. You can pay for all of the costs to publish your book with a vanity or subsidy publisher. But vanity publishing has no credibility in the industry.
  3. You can use subsidy publishing. You pay part of the costs, an option with less credibility than a trade publisher.
  4. You may be able to partner with a business or non-profit that will support the writing, publishing, and promotion of your book because it will further their cause.
  5. You can publish it in other media such as software, a podcast, audiobook, or sell the rights to a company that does these products.
  6. You can sell the rights to
    --one of the five publishers that dominate trade publishing
    --a small press, midsized, regional, niche, or specialty publisher
    --an on- or offline trade or consumer periodical that will serialize your book
    --a publisher for a flat fee as a work for hire
    --an academic or university press
    --a professional publisher that publishes books for a specific field
  7. You can work with a packager who provides publishers with a file ready for the printer or finished books.
  8. You can hire an agent.