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Vindication for Snowden and A Step Toward Ending Mass Surveillance

Tom Devine Posted by Tom Devine.

Tom Devine is legal director of the Government Accountability Project, where he has worked to assist thousands of whistleblowers to come forward and has been involved in the all of the campaigns to pass or defend major whistleblower laws over the last two decades.

“A U.

“A U.S. spying program that systematically collects millions of Americans' phone records is illegal, a federal appeals court ruled on Thursday, putting pressure on Congress to quickly decide whether to replace or end the controversial anti-terrorism surveillance.”

NSA's phone spying program ruled illegal by appeals court


“Of Snowden and the NSA, only one has so far been found to have acted unlawfully – and it’s not Snowden. That surely must change the nature of the debate on civil liberties being had in America, and it should do so in a number of ways.”

“With the NSA’s bulk surveillance ruled illegal, the debate on the Patriot Act should be reinvigorated – with Edward Snowden free to join in”

Of Snowden and the NSA, only one has acted unlawfully – and it’s not Snowden
The Guardian


“Jesselyn Radack, an attorney for Snowden… says “this historic ruling against mass surveillance was only possible because of Edward Snowden. He should be allowed to return to the United States without fear of criminal prosecution.”

NSA Phone Record Program Illegal, Appeals Court Finds
U.S. News and World Report