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Visibility = Salability

Wojtek Witkowski

Building a Platform for Worldwide Awareness of You and Your Book

* Make your email signature and business card a brochure. Include your book cover(s), products, services, on- and offline contact info, and a headshot

* Read books and articles in trade and consumer magazines, online and off, websites, blogs, e-zines, and forums to build your communities of writers and influencers, and become an authority on your subject or the kind of book you’re writing.

* Participate in social media, forums, message boards, chat rooms, and groups in your field.

* Write a blog; an e-newsletter; articles for trade, consumer and academic print and online media; reviews; op-ed pieces; letters to the editor; postings to blogs in your field; a self-syndicated column and articles; articles for websites that email them to their mailing lists; contributions for Wikipedia; videos you produce and post; your media and speaker’s kit.

* Give talks, classes, seminars, webinars, teleseminars, teleconferences, and workshops; do consulting, coaching, and training at businesses, nonprofits, conferences, and conventions; podcast your book. If you want to be a speaker, join Toastmasters; if you want to be a pro, join the National Speaker’s Association. When you’re ready, send your speaker’s kit to nonprofits, speaker’s bureaus, meeting planners, and other people who can hire you to speak.

* Appear in print, broadcast, and electronic trade and consumer media or on a radio or television show you create, online or off.

* Build relationships with organizations, event organizers, and people in the media, academia, government, and professionals in your field.

* Maintain a website that: provides a go-to source of information about your field; continually increases opportunities for visitors to learn and enjoy themselves; gives them the chance to give you feedback on the site and your work; hosts your updated speaking and media kits, including a list of speaking and media appearances, your articles, testimonials, and audio and video links.

* Build an email list and a community of people in your field who will give or sell you access to their list.

* Win contests, awards, and prizes.

* Build your ranking on search engines.

* Participate in and lead community, writing, and professional organizations.

* Partner with a business, nonprofit or foundation.