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Press Release: What Your Boss Really Wants From You by Steve Arneson

What Your Boss Really Wants From You

New book describes 15 insights that help readers to improve the relationship with their boss.

By Steve Arneson

This outstanding book is a must read for both employees and bosses - it’s filled with practical exercises that will make you, your boss, and your company more successful.
-Helmuth Ludwig, CEO, Siemens Industry Sector

San Francisco May 2014 - In this pragmatic and accessible guide, author Steve Arneson shows readers how to find the answers to fifteen essential questions that will help to understand their boss’s motives. The first part, “Study Your Boss,” features ten questions that will help readers figure out their boss’s leadership style, goals, work relationships, and other factors that drive his or her behavior. Given that understanding, readers move on to five questions that reveal “How Your Boss Sees You.” Finally, readers bring it all together and develop a plan to “Take Responsibility for the Relationship.” Vivid real-world examples demonstrate Arneson’s advice in action.

Arneson warns readers to give up any thoughts of trying to manage or “improve” their boss. They’re not always clear about their expectations, act in seemingly inexplicable ways, and can have hidden motives that have nothing to do with helping achieve career goals. Still, they’re not going to change-the solution lies in figuring out what makes them tick and adapting a readers work style to make the relationship work more effectively.

Steve Arneson is the founder of Arneson Leadership Consulting, which provides executive talent management, coaching, and leadership development solutions to corporations and nonprofit organizations. He was named one of America’s Top 100 thought leaders and one of the country’s Top
10 leadership coaches by Leadership Excellence magazine.

Publication date: May 2014, $15.95, paperback, 112 pages, 5 ½" x 8 ½", ISBN 978-1-62656-077-2