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Press Release: Two Birds in a Tree by Ram Nidumolu

Two Birds in a Tree:
Timeless Indian Wisdom for Business Leaders

by Ram Nidumolu

"Two Birds In A Tree helps open up our minds to the importance of leadership that is anchored in our interconnection. As leaders we need to listen more deeply to each other, find purpose in our work, and commit to making positive change in the world." - Eileen Fisher, CEO, Eileen Fisher

The health of business is inextricably linked with the health of humanity and nature. But our current approaches to leadership treat business as entirely separate - and the result has been recurring economic, environmental and human crises.

Two Birds in a Tree takes its title from the ancient Indian wisdom texts, the Upanishads, to offer leaders a powerful message that transcends religion, culture, and tradition. One bird, in the lower branches, hops from branch to branch, anxiously eating all the fruit it sees. The bird at the top of the tree sees the tree below and the world beyond and understands it is part of a larger whole. The higher bird is in touch with what the Upanishads call Being, the fundamental reality that underlies and unifies all phenomena-the very essence of existence. Leaders whose sense of self is anchored in Being won’t have to think about “corporate responsibility”-their actions will be driven by an instinctive sense of interconnection.

Throughout this profound and enlightening book, Ram Nidumolu uses stories not only from the Upanishads but also from his own life as well as the experiences of CEOs of global companies like PepsiCo, Southwest Airlines, Timberland, Costco, and many others to illustrate the principles of Being-centered leadership. These examples offer leaders advice, encouragement, examples, and inspiration to make your way from the lower branches of the tree to the highest.

Publication date: October 2013, $18.95, paperback, 192 pages, 5 ½" x 8 ½"
ISBN 9781609945770 Business/Managing