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Press Release: Teaching that Changes Lives by Marilee Adams

Teaching That Changes Lives:
12 Mindset Tools for Igniting the Love of Learning

By Marilee Adams, PhD

New book helps teachers rekindle their love of teaching and ignite students’ love of learning

Enhances teacher effectiveness by providing educators with a deep, powerful, yet simple set of tools for improving communication and teaching and, most importantly, enhancing student learning.
- Harvey Silver, EdD, President Silver Strong & Associates, LLC

Teaching That Changes Lives is as practical as it is transformational, enabling teachers to make an authentic difference with their students without succumbing to the myriad pressures and challenges of their jobs. This book comes at the request of educators who have flocked to Dr. Adams’ workshops based on her bestseller Change Your Questions, Change Your Life. Here she shows how adopting a new mindset can help teachers rekindle their love of teaching while igniting students’ love of learning.

Using the storytelling format that proved so successful in her previous book, Adams shows how Emma, a sixth-grade teacher on the verge of quitting her job, learns to cultivate what Adams calls the “Learner Mindset”- having the habit, curiosity, and courage to consistently ask growth-oriented, open-minded questions of oneself and others-and to avoid the close-minded and critical “Judger Mindset.” Emma transforms her classroom into one infused with curiosity, creativity, caring and accomplishment. She also has breakthroughs in new collaborative relationships with other teachers and administrators.

The lessons and tools in the book are powerful for teaching any subject area and any grade level, including in higher education. Featuring an innovative, easy-to-follow workbook and access to a free Learner Mindset Online Mini-Course, this inspiring book helps teachers and students alike become more creative and resilient problem solvers, bridge builders, and lifelong learners.

Marilee Adams, PhD, is president and founder of the Inquiry Institute, a consulting, coaching, and educational organization that developed the Learner Mindset system. She is also an adjunct professor at American University in the School of Public Affairs’ Key Executive Leadership Program.

Publication date: September 2013, $18.95, paperback, 216 pages, 5 ½" x 8 ½",
ISBN 978-1-60994-569-5