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Press Release: Singletasking

New book reveals the myth of multitasking

Feeling relieved? You should be. We are a nation addicted to a popular, enticing, and dangerously misleading drug called multitasking. Author Devora Zack was once hooked herself. People think they can do more by tackling several tasks at once. That is an illusion, and Zack marshals a host of evidence from the field of neuroscience to prove it. The fact is, the brain is designed to singletask.

Multitasking is unnatural, ineffective, stressful, and occasionally dangerous. Think texting while driving. The world is better off when people focus on one task at a time. This book flies in the face of the long-standing rhetoric that glorifies multitasking. Zack presents simple methods for tackling your typical insurmountable list of to-dos with less effort and greater ease. 

Zack explains exactly how to clear and calm the mind, arrange a schedule and an environment that gently but firmly manages the expectations of people around you so that you can accomplish a succession of tasks, one by one—and be more productive.

Devora Zack, CEO of Only Connect Consulting, Inc. provides leadership programs to over a hundred clients, such as Cornell University, Australian Institute of Management, London Business School, Deloitte, and the U.S. Department of Education. She has keynoted at the U.S. Treasury, the Smithsonian Institution, John Deere, the National Institutes of Health, and Mensa International. She is also the author of Networking for People Who Hate Networking.

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