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Press Release: Make an Ethical Difference by Mark Pastin

Make an Ethical Difference

By Mark Pastin

New book provides practical tools to help readers become ethical leaders

"Mark Pastin has written the only book on ethics that is worth reading."
-Ian I. Mitroff, Professor Emeritus, Marshall School of Business, USC

We are often skeptical that there is anything we can do to raise society’s ethical level. Mark Pastin begs to differ. We can make a difference, and we don’t need ethics “experts” to tell us what to do. He argues that we all have an innate ethical sense-what he calls an “ethics eye.” He offers tools for sharpening the ethics eye so we can see and do the right thing ourselves, particularly in the workplace, where our decisions can affect not just ourselves but coworkers, clients, customers, and even an entire organization.

Seeing what’s right is one thing-doing what is right is another. With examples drawn from his decades of experience advising corporations, governments, and NGOs, Pastin shows how to identify competing interests, analyze the facts, understand the viewpoints, measure the benefits of different outcomes, and build consensus. You’ll gain confidence in your ethical sense, make better leadership decisions, and take actions that elevate the ethics of the groups and organizations you belong to-and society as a whole.

Mark Pastin is the founder and president of the Council of Ethical Organizations, an organization known for practical approaches to ethical issues. He has advised corporations such as Caterpillar, GlaxoSmithKline, and General Electric, as well as governments, agencies and NGOs around the world.

Publication date: November 2013, $24.95, paperback, 240 pages, 5 ½" x 8 ½",
ISBN 978-1-60994-911-2