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How to choose the most perfect flower girl dress for the wedding?

The wedding day undoubtedly is the most amazing and most awaited day in one’s life and is filled with love and excitement. The groom is also quite excited for the day but the overwhelming joy of the bride and her keen interest in making all the arrangements perfect is beyond measure. A bride just want everything to be perfect on her precious day and she tires herself off in making everything go well on the big day. The dresses, the flowers, the color schemes, the presents and the whole ceremony is checked for perfection time and again.

No doubt that the bride and groom get all the eyes for them on the big day but no one can deny the important and beauty that the little flower girls make on this day. They are the angels that walk behind the bride with flowers in their hands and innocence on their faces that makes all the crowd go ooh and aah for them.

Most of the time, the sweetest, the cutest and the most lovable member of the wedding is the flower girl. The little girls are lovely and cute no matter what but you still have to make sure that the flower girl looks perfect as well and goes well with the theme and feel of the wedding.

Whether you are the bride yourself or the mother of the flower girl, your search to get the most perfect dress for the wedding day for the little girl has brought you here to this post.


Tips for the perfect dress for the flower girl on wedding day

Fortunately, there are several boutiques that provide the bridal dresses and the bridesmaids also have the dresses for these adorable flower girls. Now that you have decided upon the bridal dress and the dress for the bridesmaids, you have a very clear picture of the dress you would like for the flower girl. You must decide before hand how many of them you want so that the dresses could all be ordered together.

Since you have the idea of the wedding you are looking forward to in your mind, you can best describe the flower girl of your dreams to the tailor. But before that, here are our practical tips from the experts at the bridal boutique that how you should order the dress and what you should keep in mind.

  • You don’t have to fuss about the fittings

It is the most amazing thing about this dress other than all the dresses of the wedding that you don’t have to fuss around with the fittings. All you have to do is to take care of the size and don’t be too touchy and specific about the perfect fit. It’s the dress of the bridesmaids that needs perfection not these little girls. So you can be flexible with them and make sure that the dresses are not too long as the little girls can’t carry them too well. Just keep them above the ankles for the.


  • Try ordering according to the girls’ age

The ordering of the dresses depends highly upon the time you are putting the order and the age of the girl. If the wedding is six months later and you are ordering the dress for the flower girl today, chances are that the dress is going to serve as a mini for her if the child has a good growth. Depending on how fast the kid grows and how much time you have left, you can order the dress one size up so that at the time of wedding, the dress fits the girl perfectly.


  • You don’t have to spend a whole day for the sizing and fitting

You could call it as an advantage for finding the perfect dress for the little girl as you don’t have to spend an entire day with her to get the dress. You can pick the dress you like according to the sizes available at the boutique and it would do because the little girls look lovely anyway, even if the dress is shorter or longer.


  • Think about the popular hues for the little girl

If you wish to make an impression with the dress of the little girl on your wedding day, you must consider the colors that are in. the lighter tones of ivory, sage green and peach are very in, so are champagne and light blue. If you have already picked the theme of the wedding party then adding a sash in the color of the theme to the dress of the flower girl could be a lot helpful to play the colors.


  • Ask the little princess what she prefers

The flower girl is most of times thought of a little bride walking in a miniature version of the real one behind her as she too has to be the bride herself someday. So it is a good idea to ask the little beauty what she would like to wear. If the answer is not too innocent to accept, you can get the dress of her choice, maybe she has in mind from some wedding and it could give you an edge as well. If the girl is mature enough, you can let her make the choice. Else the long skirts are the ones that are in for the flower girls these days.

  • Consider the neckline and budget

A top tip for the flower girl dresses is to buy the one that keep you on budget and does not get your pockets empty. Also you should try to order the dress with little straps or a high neckline as the chances for such a type of dress are rare to fall off or get some embarrassing moments for you.

These are our tips to help you pick the wedding dress for the flower girl. May you choose the best and may your big day be the best of all. Happy wedding!