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10 Truths You Need to Know About Writing and Publishing

Daniel Nanescu

To be a successful, you need a positive but realistic perspective about writing and publishing. These ten observations form the basis for “10 Commandments that, With Luck, Guarantee Your Success as a Writer.”

  1. Because the Web empowers you to reach readers, control and profit more from your work, collaborate on monetizing and publicizing your work, and change the world faster and more easily than ever, now is the best time ever to be a writer.
  2. Writers are the most important people in publishing; readers are the second most important people.
  3. The two basic, collaborative elements of writing are content and communication.
  4. Writers are hybrids, producing work of different lengths, for different media, for free and for fees; and because writers have more options for getting published, they have to choose the right options for them, based on their work and their ability to promote it.
  5. Getting an agent, and writing and publishing a book are easy, compared to making it succeed, so writers have to maximize the value of their work before they sell or publish it.
  6. Agents and editors are as delighted to find new writers as new writers are to be discovered, but more than 80% of traditionally published books fail, and because it’s getting harder to sell small books to big publishers, most new writers are better off self-publishing their work to test-market it.
  7. Books are either prose-driven or promotion-driven.
  8. A book is like an iceberg. Writing is 10%; marketing is 90%. –Jack Canfield
  9. Content is king, readers curators, so social media can make books sell, regardless of who publishes them or how.
  10. Agent Donald Maass says it takes writers five books to build an audience for their work, so writers have to take the long view in developing their craft and their career.