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10 Commandments That, With Luck, Guarantee Your Success as a Writer

Lilly Photographer

Content Creation

1. Love what you do. Make your work and how you communicate about it it a labor of love for your craft and your readers.

2. Know your goals. Have personal, literary and publishing goals that inspire you to achieve them, and a plan to help you.

3. Create content your readers love so much they share it with every reader they know. The holy trinity of content is reading to find models for your books and career; writing as many drafts as it takes to make your work 100%; and sharing your work with many knowledgeable readers.

Content Marketing

4. Serve your communities. Build and maintain networks of people eager to help you because they know, like, and trust you.

5. Build your platform. Develop continuing visibility with potential book buyers.

6. Test-market your work. Prove the value of your work in as many ways as you can.

7. Share your passion for your work. Generate and communicate content that conveys the value of your work.


8. Be a contentpreneur. Run a creative, innovative business that creates, sells, and re-purposes your content to build your brand and generate diverse, growing income streams.

9. Commit yourself to your goals. Devote your career to the holy trinity of discoverability: content, community, and contentpreneuring. 

Context: The Holy Trinity of Sustainability

10. Make the effects of your actions on people, the planet, and profit, in that order, the criteria for your actions. Working for the triple bottom line will create a literary ecosystem that will endure as long as you maintain it with content and service.

You can adapt the commandments to other fields and your personal life.