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Professionalism and the Reader

Max Dunn Posted by Max Dunn, Digital-Editorial Intern, Berrett-Koehler Publishers.

Professionalism and the Reader

BookTube, as I’ve said before, is a community, and BookTubers talk. If you’ve created relationships with your readers and reviewers as advised above, then good words will be said in the BookTube community. That also means that when a bunch of BookTubers get asked to review the same book, they’re less likely to look favorably on it. You see, if one or two people talk about a book in a community, it will spread, especially if you have learned correctly who to send your book to in the first place. Rather than look like your scrounging for reviews by sending it to a massive amount of people in the BookTube world, carefully pick a few who you think would enjoy it and send it their way. Trust me, it works.

Some amazing authors, with equally amazing books, have become almost a staple in the BookTube community, not just because of their writing but because of their participation in the literary conversation. People like Victoria Schwab (@veschwab on twitter), Lindsay Cummings (@AuthorLindsayC), @RainbowRowell, @Corey_Whaley, @PatrickRothfuss and more!

As you can see, there is a plethora of actively engaging authors on social media and in the BookTube world. When they take the time to respond to a tweet or comment, it creates a relationship with the reader and ultimately boosts the reader’s, and community’s, view of the author. It’s never bad to have a good rapport with a large, and growing, group of people.

Authors can even work directly with BookTubers to promote their writing. YA authors Gayle Forman and Alexandra Bracken have made videos with BookTube legend Christine Riccio (polandbananasbooks) to spread the word about their books. Sometimes author interviews are a great way for BookTubers to share about a book and consequently more about the author as an individual. All this comes back around to the idea of fostering community and creating relationships between reader and writer on the internet.

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