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BookTube: A World of Bibliophiles

Max Dunn Posted by Max Dunn, Digital-Editorial Intern, Berrett-Koehler Publishers.

BookTube: A World of Bibliophiles

What is BookTube?

BookTube is a community.

People might see reading as a solitary activity. You sit alone, cuddled under a blanket or by a cozy fire, and delve deeply into the world of words. But what do you do the minute you finish an amazing book? You run to your friends and scream “HEY! YOU! YES YOU! READ THIS!” Maybe your friend is reluctant because they aren’t as avid a reader. So where do you turn? BookTube.

BookTube, the book-ish side of YouTube, is the online community of people who understand your bibliophilic ways, who read just as much, if not more, than you, and who are there to listen to you completely freak out over your new favorite read.

There is even lingo associated with the BookTube community. Watch this video to see a hilarious discussion between BookTubers and non-BookTubers with Jenny from Jellafy. There are TBR’s (To Be Read), Book Hauls, Wrap-Ups and more, along with the ever-present Book Review.

BookTube is growing.
Every day more and more people are posting their first BookTube videos. Search the YouTube bar for “BookTube Introduction” in the last month, and you will see dozens of videos posted by eager participants in the literary conversation. Ella, over at Novella Zoo, is new to BookTube (at the time of writing this), but she received a whole lot of love from the community on her wonderful and hilarious Intro Video. It’s amazing to see all these BookTubers interacting with those new to the community. Through video comments, Twitter interactions, Goodreads friend requests, and more, the community of BookTubers, and the viewership as well, continues to expand.

BookTube is welcoming.

No matter your age, reading preferences, or video-making capabilities, this ever-growing community is extremely encouraging when it comes to new BookTubers and making friendships. I have seen people who are nervous or reluctant to make and post their first videos cheered on by the BookTube community to begin their channels. If you need any more proof that vlogging, or in this case BookTubing, is something you should start doing, look no further than this wonderful post here .

BookTube is diverse.

You read a lot of classic literature? Or maybe non-fiction travel books? What about YA contemporaries or biographies and memoirs? Odds are, if you read it, you can find someone else who reads it on YouTube. People from all across the world, speaking in many languages, make BookTube videos about books from every genre imagineable. There are people who have found their niche, what they love to read and talk about, and there are those who spread their reading across the literary table, diving into more genres than you can count. Either way, you’re sure to find something to suit your reading taste on BookTube.

BookTube Recommendations:
Fantasy/Sci-Fi- TheReading Rhodes, InkBonesBooks, Nicole’s Adventures in Science Fiction
Non-Fiction- starian72, AbbeyKathleen
Literary Fiction- rincey reads, climbthestacks, 1book1review
Young Adult- thebookbasement, dylanbooks, maureenkeavy
Classics- wordsofareader, Jean Bookishthoughts, Cedar Sun
Horror- bookmovieguy

Interested in learning more? Continue reading about BookTube....

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