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Agreement With Foreword/Preface/Introduction Contributors to Berrett-Koehler Works

Read a Note on Forewords here.

Date of Agreement: __________________

1. ______________________________ (The “Contributor”) agrees to prepare and submit a __________________ (The “Contribution”) for publication in a book (The “Work”) titled _____________________________________________________________________________,
by ____________________________________________________ (The “Author”)

for upcoming publication by Berrett-Koehler Publishers, Inc. (The “Publisher”)

The Contributor grants this Contribution to the Publisher with the exclusive rights to publish and sell it as part of the Work indicated above, in all languages throughout the world and to make or allow others to make all translations, abridgements, excerpts, editions, and derivatives of the Contribution, whether in print, electronic, or other form. The Contributor retains the right, without requesting permission from the Publisher or the Author, to use the Contribution for any purpose, provided that proper credit is given to the original publication of the material in the Work.

The Contributor warrants that the Contribution is an original creation for which the Contributor owns all rights, that the Contributor has full power and authority to make this Agreement and allow the Contribution to be included and copyrighted in the Work, and that the Contribution does not infringe any other person's copyrights or rights of literary property. The Author and Publisher will have the right to edit the Contribution for the original printing of the Work and for any reprinting, so long as the Publisher or Author does not materially change the content of the Contribution.

As total compensation for the rights granted in this Agreement the Contributor will receive two copies of the Work upon publication.


________________________ _________________________
Contributor’s name (printed) Author’s name (printed)

________________________ _________________________
Contributor's signature Author’s signature

Address to which complimentary copies (as indicated above) of the book may be sent to the contributor:

Read Notes, Citations, and Bibliographies here.

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