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#EpiscopalResurrection #GC78 – D013: Budget Process – “Budgeting Is No Joke”

By Ken Howard

Budgeting is serious business. It process of budgeting needs to be clear, consistant, fair, and just.

Our current canons contain a number of unclear, conflicting, and outdated budget procedures.

Resolution D013: Budget Process for the Episcopal Church proposes to amend our budget process to conform with current practice regarding budget development and budget oversight. It also promoses to amend the process by which dioceses are assessed, in order to clarify that the full assessment is expected and to provide reasonable consequences for not praying the full assessment.

I generally support this resolution. But I’d be less than honest if I did not say admit that I do that I have a little trepidation about the assessment piece, specifically, about how the assessment would be calculated. Is it based on normal operating expenses? Does it also include capital gifts, designated but unrestricted gifts, endowments.

If language were inserted to address these concerns, I believe this resolution would garner broader support.

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