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#EpiscopalResurrection #GC78 – D007: Diocesan Collaboration – “Collaboration is Everything”

By Ken Howard

Permit Dioceses to Explore Shared Ministry and Collaboration (D007 is in many ways a “cleanup” resolution, but it is an important cleanup.

Part of the aim of all of the Episcopal Resurrection resolutions is to eliminate structural, bureaucratic, or turf impediments that might impede the church’s ability to remain rapidly adaptable and responsive to the needs of a rapidly changing and uncertain world in order to broadly share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

This resolution aims to make it easier for dioceses to explore creative ways of collaboration, including:

  • Bishop Sharing. Making it easier for dioceses to go beyond the current transitional provisional bishop process to share bishops on an ongoing basis, and
  • Joint Commissions on Ministry. Making it possible to jointly share a single commission on ministry (a potentially useful strategy as formation begins to shift away from traditional, three-year, residential seminaries).

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