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3 False Dichotomies That Limit Faith

The Rev. Ken Howard:

My friend from Zimbabwe has some interesting thoughts on the relationship between science and faith.

Originally posted on Chronicles of a kid next door:

3 False Dichotomies that Limit Faith Pitting faith against science, reason and reality tend to limit our knowledge of God.

I am a scientist, currently a graduate student aspiring to be a professor of chemistry in my home country, Zimbabwe. But, I am a Christian, I believe Christ came from heaven and died for my sins. I am a Christian who is a scientist, and that is a problem.

At church, I often endure sermons where preachers make it their ambition to reveal the folly of science. I blame Charles Darwin, ever since his theory of evolution, Bible teachers found a reason to dismiss science.

It does not get better when I attend seminars or lectures. Learned professors religiously adhere to the precepts of Darwinism and embrace atheism. Adherence to Christianity or any other religion, is viewed as weakness of the mind. I blame TV evangelists and ignorant preachers who talk about astronomy which they…

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