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The Ultimate Guide To Marketing

Katie Swalm Posted by Katie Swalm, Editorial and Digital Intern.

Katie is the Editorial and Digital intern at Berrett-Koehler, a third year student at Westmont College, and a habitual overcommitter. She currently lives and writes in San Francisco.

The Ultimate Guide To Marketing

The following is the best advice, tips, and tricks from the staff here at BK on how to market your book on a variety of platforms. Links are grouped topically and chronologically so you can easily find what you need to get your book out there. Click on the post title to go to the blog post - links will open in a new window.

Good luck! 

How to Approach Marketing 
Don’t Market Your Book
The Basics of a Good Online Presence
Visibility = Salability
10 Marketing Strategies of Our Bestselling Authors
The Key to Caring: Know Your Audience
Professionalism and the Reader

How to Approach Publishing
Taking the Guesswork Out of Publishing
How to Escape the Publishing Catch 22
8 Options For Publishing Your Book

Your Website
Making Your First Author Website
Building an Author Website: Keep It Simple
Use Widgets to Add Interactivity to Your Author Website

Reasons To Blog
So, You Want to Be a Blogger
New to Blogging? Five Things to Consider Before You Jump In
Blogging versus Vlogging: What is the difference?

Why You Should Vlog
What Equipment and Software do I Need?
Orientation to YouTube Culture
How Can I Succeed on YouTube?
Using Youtube to Sell Books
Using YouTube for Causes and Activism

Author Central and Your Author Page
Help Your Amazon Product Page Look Its Best
Use Amazon Keywords & Categories Correctly
Get Visibility on Amazon via Customer Reviews
Preorder or Bestseller Campaigns for Amazon
Checking Your Sales and Other Data in Author Central

SEO and Web Metrics
A Beginner’s Introduction to SEO
Search Engine Optimization for the Brave at Heart
Web Metrics from Google Analytics, Quantcast & Alexa

Professional Help
The Ins and Outs of Agents
The Public Relations (PR) Process and Timeline
How the Communications Department Helps Your Book Blast Off

Social Media
Beginner's Social Media: A Guide for Authors
Tailoring Social Media to Target Audiences
Taking on the Influencer Myth
Five Tips for Effective and Authentic Personal Branding Using Social Media
Let Your People Network!
Five Ways to Be A Better Social Networker

Goodreads and Booktube
Making the Most of Goodreads
A Guide to Giving Away Your Books
BookTube: A World of Bibliophiles

Alternative Outlets
Foreign Translation Rights
Other Subsidary Rights
Seven Tips for Selling Books Overseas

Miscellaneous Methods
Let Your Email Signature Be Your Envoy
Creating Podcasts to Promote Your Book
Getting Bookmarked by Discovery Sites
Using Book Endorsements Strategically
Getting Your Thought Leadership Heard on the Web
Pushing the Envelope: 9 Steps for Selling Your Book Yourself
50 Shades of Pay: Making Money as a Writer
Medium - The Future Baby of Social Justice, Tech Culture, & Publishing